The Objective Truth
  • Joel Eduardo Salguero
21 episodes
A podcast dedicated to sharing political topics with researched facts and statistics while trying to provide as little bias. Support this podcast:


Ep #21: The Philosophy of Minimalism
2020 Sep 2029m 30s
In this episode, I talk about the philosophy of minimalism. A very new trendy philosophy that has some people scratching their heads. I go over how it is a philosophy that helps you declutter and find more clarity in your life by forcing you to only keep the things that add value in your life.
Ep #20: The Philosophy of Stoicism
2020 Sep 1838m 14s
In this episode, I dive into the complexity of stoicism, how it is much more than just having a blank expression, and how it can actually help you live a much more calm and stress-free life. As always be sure to hit me up with topics you would like to hear about, feedback, or if you would like to be on the podcast.
EP #19: Back to Podcasting Plus Small Political Rant
2020 Sep 1615m 18s
In this episode, I outline the new content that I want to bring to the podcast. Such content includes explaining economic and political science concepts. I also give a small rant about everything going on in the world right now.
EP #18: Living a Healthier Lifestyle with Jared Castro
2020 Jul 2345m 32s
In this episode, I go in-depth about my weight loss journey and what it means for me to work out and live a much healthier lifestyle. It's not just about working out its about making conscious choices that will lead you to a better tomorrow. With me is Jared Castro a competitive powerlifter who also talks about his experience with weight loss and how to make working out that much more enjoyable
EP #17: Motivation, Life, and Growth with Jared Castro
2020 Jun 1841m 15s
In this episode, I talk to long time friend Jared Castro, a sophomore at Babson College, NYC powerlifting champion, and creator of @successaccelerated, about what keeps him motivated to do his best every single day. Jared goes into detail his upbringing, books that he has read, and even things he has learned through his journey on growing what he calls "Generational Wealth"
EP #16: Motivation and Life with Asha Boston
2020 Jun 1043m 35s
In this episode, I talk with my mentor Asha Boston, founder of the DinnerTableDoc, a non-profit that aims at helping black girls achieve their dreams. Asha and I talk about her journey in starting the DinnerTableDoc as well as what keeps her motivated now that she owns her own company.
EP #15: Guy talk with Matthew Perez
2020 Jun 0737m 21s
In this episode, I talk to Matthew Perez, a Sophmore at the University of Michigan, about what it's like to share emotions as a guy and also what got him to want to start rapping.
EP #14: Discussing the Current Events with Oumy
2020 Jun 0525m 25s
In this episode, I talk with Oumy, a sophomore at NYU, a member of the Black Student Union and the African Student Union, about the death of Geroge Floyd and how the US Government can ensure that something like this does not occur again.
EP 13#: Discussing the Current Events with Starr Rivera
2020 Jun 0228m 49s
In this episode, I talk to Starr Rivera, a sophomore at the University of Bridgeport, about the recent events that have been occurring following the death of George Floyd. We talk about things that need to change, how that change will happen, and ultimately ways in order to ensure that you can support in any capacity that you can.
EP #12: Discussing Current Events with Yamace Smith
2020 Jun 0123m 14s
In this episode, I will be talking to Yamace Smith, a sophomore at Clark Atlanta University, about the current events that are happening in America following the death of George Floyd.