Swan Dive by the Savage Godlings
  • Sillion, Hunter J. Allen, Annie DeYoung, Taylor Zipperlen, Nick Marquez, Robert McCarthy
14 episodes
An Actual Play podcast of the table-top roleplaying game Spire written by Rowan, Rook & Deckard Press.


Swan Dive Ep. 13 ft. Grant Howitt / Red Strings Pt. 6 / Scattered Papers & Cigarettes
2020 Oct 221h 29m 36s
Yeston Moroe started his day by finding a friend and fellow Minister flayed, as if to send a message, and has now set out get to the bottom of the mystery and give his bloody response.
Swan Dive Ep. 12 / Red Strings Pt. 5 / The Roar of the Crowd
2020 Oct 141h 26m 31s
Oran tackles investigation into the Archdeacon election his way, brute force in varying guises.
Swan Dive - Ep. 11 / Red Strings Pt. 4 / A Whiff of Home
2020 Oct 071h 24m 54s
We follow Willow into her investigation into the corruption of the Silver Quarter and in her own past.
Swan Dive - Ep. 10 / Red Strings Pt. 3 / Bloody Rope Blues
2020 Oct 021h 23m 17s
We return to Griff attempting to unravel a piece of the mystery that lies at the heart of god-rope Hitch, meets friends old & new, and begins his pursuit of Deacon Poleipoffe, indie darling of Solar Pantheon worship.
Swan Dive - Ep. 9 / Red Strings Pt. 2 / The Hunt
2020 Sep 211h 28m 36s
We follow Sanette as she scours Spire's backstreets and broodhouses for conclusions in her hunt for disappearing drow children.
Swan Dive - Ep. 8 / Red Strings Pt. 1 / Drizzle Avenue
2020 Sep 141h 18m 31s
The Red Strings interludes begin with Gurtrisse's meeting with Mr. Alas in his palatial estate.
Swan Dive - Ep. 7 / The Future & The Past
2020 Sep 091h 10m 30s
We get a glimpse into the next step of influencing the Archdeacon election and the truth behind newly discovered allies.
Swan Dive - Ep. 6 / The Wind-Down
2020 Sep 012h 2m 39s
The results of the Spiral Soiree come into view as our cell spreads out to refocus their efforts around the newly understood Deacon Heralds-the-Sunrise.
The Savage Godlings Bonus Episode No. 1 - Grant Howitt & Christopher Taylor Interview
2020 Aug 251h 29m 50s
The authors of Spire join us to discuss origins, design, the TTRPG world at large and possibilities of what the future of Desetera could have in store . . .
Swan Dive - Ep. 5 / At the Stroke of Midnight
2020 Aug 251h 21m 45s
The bomb fuse burns down as the cell navigates the treacherous and bloody after parties of the Spiral Soiree.