• Wesley Nakamura, Savon Jones, Mike Smith, Brian Redondo
4 episodes
Your favorite average idiots giving their take on the latest and greatest in games, movies, tv, tech, and everything else you love. We might not know everything, but we’ll damn sure tell you about it.


#007 Bethesda Acquisition Mandalorian S2 Trailer WandaVision Trailer The Boys S2
2020 Oct 0855m 12s
The Confidently Wrong crew wades through the PR speak, the hype, and the blood, oh so much blood of the past couple weeks. We tackle Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda Gaming and what that might mean for the gaming industry. We react to the recent Mandalorian Season 2 and WandaVision trailers. And we also argue whether a character popping aother man's head like a grape is the type of visual that works or distracts as we talk The Boys Season 2, (Episodes 1-6).
#006 PS5 Updates, The Batman, The Synder Cut and Avatar: The Legend of Korra
2020 Sep 201h 4m 7s
We talk about our updated thoughts on the latest PS5 news and we fanboy over The Legend of Korra.
#004 The Last of Us Part II
2020 Sep 201h 12m 30s
We talk about The Last of Us Part II and bring in a new guest, Brian! Spoiler alert: Everyone loved it.
#001 Avatar: The Last Airbender and Star Wars
2020 Sep 2025m 44s
Wes and Mike kick off the podcast with Avatar and Star Wars hot takes. Basically, Mike hates the entire Rey Saga.