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A podcast that examines every superhero movie and TV show ever made, one week at a time.


The Batman vs. Dracula (2005)
2020 Oct 2848m 57s
In honor of All Hallows' Eve, we get spoopy with the 2005 animated feature, The Batman vs. Dracula. Listen to us break down why Dracula is so timeless in storytelling, the irony of watching 2005 Batman develop a vaccine during this age of apocalypse and why in the sweet hell they chose to have Joker go barefoot.Tune in next week for our continuation of Ultimate Spider-Man, Season 1 (Eps. 10-18) and then on November 11 for Ant-Man! As always, be part of the show by shooting us your thoughts on social media or emailing us at superherosouppod@gmail.com. Enjoy your Halloween and stay safe, y'all!
Shazam! (2019)
2020 Oct 2155m 49s
This week, we chat about the funniest superhero film we've seen to date, Shazam! Listen as we discuss the hilarious lines and excellent acting performances, and also pinpoint why this movie is a perfect example of how superhero filmmakers can bridge the audience gap between adults and children. Take that, Alan Moore!Join us next week for our Halloween special as we dig into the 2005 animated feature Batman vs. Dracula. Follow us on social and, as always, shoot an email to superherosouppod@gmail.com to be part of the show!
Ultimate Spider-Man: Season 1, Eps. 1-9 (2012)
2020 Oct 1458m 23s
Quips, quips and more quips. That's what the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series is all about, and we're down with about as many of them as reasonable adults should be when watching a show that was made for 10-year-olds. Queue up this ep to hear our thoughts on the jokes and animation quality, plus a more in-depth conversation on whether or not superhero media should be focused on children as their core audience.Tune in next week as we cover Shazam! (2019) starring Zachary Levi, then get ready for a Spookerhero Soup special on October 28 as we cover Batman vs. Dracula (2005). Follow us on social and shoot us an email to be part of the show!
Superman: The Movie (1978)
2020 Oct 0759m 56s
In this week's examination of perhaps the first "real" superhero movie blockbuster, we talk about Superman's strengths and weaknesses as a character, the Christian parallels in a hero created by two Jewish guys, the distinction between media that is timeless and media that is groundbreaking, and so much more.Follow us on our social media channels and get ready for next week when we cover Season 1: Eps. 1-9 of the animated series Ultimate Spider-Man (2012). Have your own thoughts on Supes or Spidey? Shoot them to superherosouppod@gmail.com and we'll read them on the show!
Luke Cage, Season 1: Eps. 9-13 (2016)
2020 Sep 301h 1m 56s
There's some rough justice dealt to almost every character in Luke Cage as we wrap up the first season and give you our final thoughts on what was ultimately a fun but somewhat inconsistent viewing experience.Fire up those televisions and get ready for a thrill-a-minute ride through the month of October as we cover Superman (1978) on October 7, Ultimate Spider-Man Season 1, Eps. 1-9 (2012 animated series) on October 14, Shazam! (2019) on October 21 and a Halloween spectacular breakdown of Batman vs. Dracula (2005 animated film) on October 28.Follow us on social media and shoot an email to superherosouppod@gmail.com if you want to be part of the show!
Luke Cage, Season 1: Eps. 5-8 (2016)
2020 Sep 2345m 19s
This week, we parse through the middle chunk of season 1 of Luke Cage! While we are still enjoying Power Man, his friends and their various adventures, some of the cracks are starting to show.Join us next week as we finish out the rest of season 1 of Luke Cage (episodes 9-13) and get ready for our hard-hitting analysis of 1978's Superman to tickle your eardrums on October 7! As always, follow us on social (@superherosoup on Twitter, @superhero_soup on IG) and drop us a line on whatever you fancy at superherosouppod@gmail.com and we'll read it on next week's show!
Green Lantern: First Flight (2009)
2020 Sep 1636m 56s
In brightest day, in blackest night, this hour-long film was just alright. Mk, Trace thought it was alright, but Synneve hated it. This was DC's fifth direct-to-video animated film, and while its plot and characters fell pretty flat, we still had a hilarious time going through all of our extremely deep thoughts.Check in next week as we continue season one of Netflix's Luke Cage (episodes 5-8) and then finish off the rest of the season (episodes 9-13) the following week. Follow us on social media and write in to superherosouppod@gmail.com to be part of the show!
Luke Cage, Season 1: Eps. 1-4
2020 Sep 0955m 32s
When the first season of Luke Cage released on Netflix in 2016, rumor has it that it broke the servers for a few hours from everyone wanting to watch it so badly. Who knows if that's really true, but the show is really good, as you'll hear from our analysis, fast facts and funny takes covering the first four episodes of Season 1.We'll be picking back up with episode 5 of Luke Cage in two weeks, but join us next Wednesday as we discuss our first animated feature, Green Lantern: First Flight and give us a follow on social media (@superherosoup on Twitter, @superhero_soup on Instagram). As always, be part of the show by writing in to superherosouppod@gmail.com with any of your thoughts on the heroverse!
Captain Marvel (2019)
2020 Sep 0254m 48s
She's one of the most powerful characters in the MCU, and for good reason. This week we review Brie Larson's superior performance in Captain Marvel and also dive into her onscreen chemistry with Samuel L. Jackson, our thoughts on her dope costume and why female-led superhero movies are important today.Tune in next week for our conversation on the first four episodes of the first season of the Luke Cage series on Netflix and check out our social media (@superhero_soup on Instagram, @superherosoup on Twitter) for the full upcoming schedule.And if you want to be part of the show, send all of your superhero thoughts to superherosouppod@gmail.com!
Batman Forever (1995)
2020 Aug 2655m 26s
Do you like neon pink and green? Curious about the origins of Virtual Reality in the Batman universe? Wanna just watch Jim Carrey be Jim Carrey for two hours? Then boy, do we have a movie for you!Check out our thoughts on this heavily nostalgic, hella 90s entry in the mainline Batman movies and get ready for next week's film, 2019's Captain Marvel!As always, follow us on social media @superhero_soup (Instagram) and @superherosoup (Twitter). If you want to be part of the show, shoot us a DM or email us at superherosouppod@gmail.com.