This show applies tools of the liberal arts to concrete concerns of contemporary life. A labor of love from faculty and student volunteers at Concordia University Irvine, we share regular presentations and conversations from the Cui Bono (a student club) and other allied groups on campus that offer academic extracurricular wisdom.


Failure to Communicate
2020 Oct 1635m 29s
This is the first installment of our new feature series called Crosswise 30. For this episode, Dr. Joel Oesch & Dr. Daniel Deen discuss the Trump-Biden debate on the same day when, instead of a second debate, the two presidential hopefuls held town halls without the other candidate present. They discuss the ways in which they try to remedy this breakdown of civil discourse through their podcast series and through the annual summer event they lead with other colleagues: the Crosswise Institute.
Clausewitz On War
2020 Oct 141h 10m 35s
Dr. Caleb Karges discusses Prussian general Carl von Clausewitz, On War (1832) with student Jacob Lange and alumnus Sam Fluegge. This is part of a series within the Cui Bono Cast focused on military strategy and lessons for political life today.
The Christian Contemplative Tradition
2020 Oct 091h 4m 54s
A discussion about the contemplative tradition and prayer practices, and features three Lutheran panelists: Pastor Bill Cwirla (Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Hacienda Heights, CA), Heather Choate Davis (Spiritual Director, CSFDM, M.A. in Theology, CUI), and Pastor Dominic Rivkin (Mission and Ministry Services, PSD of the LCMS).
Insurgency (History Suite)
2020 Oct 031h 17m 7s
This is the second installation of our special feature series entitled “The History Suite.” This episode is a conversation between history prof, Dr. Caleb Karges (Ph.D., University of St. Andrews) & alumnus Josiah Popp (‘20), who is now a Marine Corps Officer candidate. Topics & books discussed include:
The King's English with Micah Bournes
2020 Oct 021h 12m 25s
Bournes is a poet, hip hop artist & singer. He discusses his experiences in Long Beach public schools and later a conservative Bible college, laments some of the important elements that were lacking, and offers provocative but timely reflections on ways to reimagine education and other systems of society. He's just released a book of poetry called Here Comes This Dreamer. He reads 2 poems from his book and discusses a recent hip hop track which is included in this episode.
Strategic Thought and Napoleon (History Suite)
2020 Sep 281h 7m 31s
Dr. Caleb Karges discusses military strategy with alumnus Sam Fluegge and current student Jacob Lange. Their focus is Antoine-Henri Jomini, The Art of War and the Napoleonic wars. Frequent mention is made to the ideas of Carl von Clausewitz. The History Suite podcast is being revived and incorporated as a recurring feature of Cui Bono Cast and will involve faculty and students from Concordia’s History and Political Thought department.
Memoir from Around the World with Dr. John Norton
2020 Sep 231h 1m 23s
Dr. Norton shares from his experience and memoir about his time as one of the leaders and developers of the Around-the-World Semester at Concordia. He and his family- wife Erica, sons Jack and Sheffield, and daughter Naomi- launched and helped lead ATW teams in 2010, 2012, and 2014. Through his work with the ATW semester, Norton has helped to design the Global Cultural Studies Minor and the International Studies Major.
Is It Worth Putting Pants on for The Apocalypse with Dr Paul Elliott
2020 Sep 1639m 28s
What is the best way to talk about the apocalypse, whether we are asking about the actual end of history or about the genre of biblical literature called apocalyptic like Daniel and Revelation? Elliott interacts with questions of historiography and also literature, especially in the thinking of Kurt Vonnegut.
Camus and The Plague with Dr. Daniel Deen
2020 Sep 1357m 37s
Philosophy professor, Dr. Daniel Deen, discusses Albert Camus, The Plague. Deen earned his PhD. in 2015 from Florida State University, under adviser Michael Ruse and oversees core philosophy and the philosophy minor at CUI. He specializes in the philosophy of science. Content Warning: Suicide is discussed briefly, in light of the philosophical approach to the relevance to this topic in Camus’ thought.
Don't Foul This Up with Dr CJ Armstrong
2020 Sep 1247m 27s
Dr. Armstrong (Professor of History and Theology) brings classical and liberal arts wisdom to bear on the nature of good citizenship within a city, even a little city like a liberal arts university. How do the classic virtues help us develop wisdom, honor, and cultivation throughout an enlivening academic encounter? Armstrong holds a Ph.D. from University of California, Irvine.