A podcast with Me and my friend.


We are missing a person
2020 Oct 0237m 41s
Today we were doing a later time for our show just talking about driving, baby yoda, the debate and other crap. Domer could not join us this evening.
Number two: Area 51, Childhood experiences, and food
2020 Sep 2539m 4s
Today we welcome a new member to our show. He will be on and off. In this episode we talk about the ps5 and new Xbox, the area 51 raid, Childhood experiences, and other things.
Welcome to our gen Z talk
2020 Sep 1919m 52s
Welcome to our podcast and yeah, with my friend Domer and I ( Adam Brobst of California license). We are just on zoom and talking about curtain subjects. We will try our hardest to do this every Friday.