• Quinn Boyes, Leonard Smith Jr
7 episodes
Leonard and Quinn -- sometimes with the help of a guest -- submit a key movie from their childhood to answer a specific prompt (“Best road trip movie?,” “First R-rated movie?,” “Funniest movie when you were in middle school?,” etc.) and determine which is the better answer (if not the better film) through rigorous debate.


S01E07 Sports: "Any Given Sunday" Vs "The Sandlot"
2020 Oct 231h 4m 52s
Quinn Boyes and Leonard Smith Jr discuss their favorite sports movies. Quinn has issues with people losing their eyes on the field of play. Leonard points out historical inacuraccies in "The Sandlot" and has a few bets on a little league baseball game. The guys reveal their punishments foe losing the season. Leonard would like to point out that he never had the "Travis Scott Meal."
S01E06 Sleepover: "Major Payne" Vs "National Lampoon's Van Wilder"
2020 Oct 161h 1m 38s
Quinn Boyes and Leonard Smith Jr discuss their favorite movies to watch at a sleepover. Van Wilder has his first real interview after graduation. The guys find the early 2000's shitty teen movie version of Samuel L Jackson. How did anyone believe that Shawn and Marlon Wayans could pass as White Chicks? Leonard doesn't like Terry Crews.
S01E05 Mind Blown: "Memento" Vs "Signs"
2020 Oct 091h 2m 58s
Quinn Boyes and Leonard Smith Jr discuss the films that blew their mind. Leonard still doesn't know what happened in "Memento." Quinn explains how spoilers ruined seeing "Sixth Sense" for him. The guys wholeheartedly agree that Mel Gibson is a huge POS.
S01E04 First Movie Snuck Into: "Life" Vs "Wedding Crashers"
2020 Oct 0256m 23s
Quinn Boyes and Leonard Smith Jr discuss the first movie the snuck into. How much weight did Vince Vaughn gain on the set of "Wedding Crashers"? Did the production of "Life" buyout the entire Yankee Stadium? Leonard and Quinn could've paid better attention to their movies.
S01E03 Road Trip: "Vegas Vacation" Vs "Homeward Bound"
2020 Sep 2557m 49s
Quinn Boyes and Leonard Smith Jr discuss road trip inspired films. Quinn can't get over Chevy Chase being awful. Leonard is overly critical of a children's movie. What animal should Samuel L Jackson voice over?
S01E02 Biggest Disappointment: "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" Vs "X-Men: The Last Stand"
2020 Sep 181h 3m 45s
Quinn Boyes and Leonard Smith Jr discuss the films that let them down the most. Quinn makes the decision on whether or not young summer campers can see "Talladega Nights." Leonard is disappointed by everything. Samuel L Jackson miss out on millions by not being in every super hero franchise. I'm The Juggernaut!
S01E01 Impressionable Comedies: "Next Friday" Vs "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me"
2020 Sep 101h 25m 46s
Quinn Boyes and Leonard Smith Jr. discuss comedic films from their adolescence that helped shape their comedic voice. Did Mike Meyers hinder Quinn's sexual growth? Leonard decides to taunt the BeyHive. Samuel L Jackson as Mini Me? There can only be one winner!