RNG Gods
  • Jose Roldan And Dylan Alexander
9 episodes
We are the RNG Gods. Two longtime friends who are talking video games, movies, tv, and all other things nerd and pop-culture. Hosted by Jose & Dylan. The host worked together at a Blockbuster store for years where they did what they love to do the most, play games and watch movies. Even after the video store era they keep in touch and talked about what they love the most. They finally realized that they should show the world how they talk about these topics. Thank you for listening and we're hoping to hear your input.


Just Give Me a Price Already-Episode 9
2020 Aug 181h 19m 32s
What's up, guys?!! Things are getting tougher to record since our great world has changed since COVID. We are still here so don't give up on us! In this week's episode, we talk about the two State of Plays of Sony and Xbox's game show. Jose borrowed a...
Shinobi Execution on the Last of Us-Episode 8
2020 Jul 0457m 28s
This week's episode we talk about GOTY Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The pain and struggle this game gives are beyond anything Jose has felt. We also talk a little about the chill and calmness of Animal Crossing New Horizons.  We also get on the discussion...
PlayStation 5 Impressions-Episode 7
2020 Jun 191h 1m 11s
Here it is. The long-awaited PS5 is here and it's beautiful. Sony gave us a taste of things to come. We give our thoughts on what this all means and all the rumors that came out afterward. What is Microsoft doing? What is Sony doing with the price? The...
Unreal Demo-Episode 6
2020 May 151h 5m 37s
What's up, guys?! We are keeping track. The new episode is out! We talk a little bit about some games here and there. The real topic of this week's episode is the Unreal Engine 5 demo on the PlayStation 5. It's an interesting debate and you'll either...
Being Back but in Quarantine-Episode 5
2020 May 0258m 37s
We are back guys! 6 months away and we are finally back. Just like the rest of the world, we are stuck in quarantine. So what better time to start recording episodes. Our episodes are gonna be coming every 2 weeks. One its easier on us and two gaming...
Goodbye Netflix, Hello Disney +
2019 Nov 171h 5m 55s
We are back after a long hiatus. We get right into the games we've missed and new ones that are out. EA redeems itself with Star wars Jedi fallen Order. We get into Obsidian's OuterWolds and why Fallout 4 was not like Fallout 3. Dylan talks about Links...
Oh No Stairs!!!!
2019 Oct 121h 1m 2s
Borderlands 3 is here and we are loving it. Jumping back into the vault hunter is now better than ever. Jose plays some Dragonball Fighterz and absolutely loves it and Dylan loves playing Bloodstain Ritual of the night. This and much more.
New Look and New Name
2019 Oct 091h 29m 31s
The Evil Metal Gamers are now the RNG Gods podcast. Thanks for sticking with our new transition. This week we get into Gamescon and all the goodies it came with. We also get into Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding. Jose gets into the facts on why he thinks...
Sony takes Spidey away from Mickey.
2019 Oct 0927m 4s
What do we think of Spidey being part of a divorce battle? In this episode, we give our thoughts on how much we hate this fight.