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The Sway Element podcast is a manifestation of the experiences that form us and the understanding that with in a healthy outlet, whether in creation and/or business, we give ourselves the power to teach others through example i.e. kindness, humility, generosity and constructive criticism as well as teaching ourselves new lessons every day. This podcast gives guests the platform to share life experiences in which they refused to become victims to circumstance and explore their paths to success.


Episode 7: It’s just me today
2020 Oct 1210m 19s
In this episode I answer some questions listeners had sent in at the beginning of the week. I also share a very personal story, one that showcases triumph over trauma.
Episode 6: Keoni Dobson from KDTime
2020 Oct 0133m 8s
On this episode, I touch on the subject leading by example, my long time friend Keoni and I catch up, we share our thoughts of the current events in our lives and also as we reminisce while mentioning ghost stories at a camp we used to work at there is a disruption with sound 👻 #spooky
Episode 5: Tova of Embody Erotic Expansion
2020 Sep 2541m 47s
On this episode I talk with Erotic Coach, Tova. We delve into the subject of sex and the erotic blueprint, our “guilty” pleasure Instagram pages, Tovas journey to becoming an Erotic Coach and she’s answers some questions the listeners sent in! You can find Tova on Instagram @embodyeroticexpansion and you can find me on Instagram @laurabugge_
Episode 4: Part 2 - Thomas J Bellezza
2020 Sep 171h 40m 48s
In part 2 of Episode 4 my guest Thomas asks me some of his own questions about my views on the polyamory lifestyle, we share some more stories of past lovers along with some hilarious back and forth between two close friends.
Episode 4: Part 1 - Thomas J. Bellezza
2020 Sep 1750m 19s
In this episode Thomas and I explore the lifestyle of Polyamory as we exchange stories of connection with our lovers, poly misconceptions and our own history in this open lifestyle.
Episode 3: Priscilla Blanco
2020 Sep 101h 56s
On this weeks episode, Priscilla stops by in person to talk about boundaries, JOMO, enjoying the little things in life.
Episode 2: Emma Earnest
2020 Sep 0438m 54s
In this episode, I have a real and raw conversation with my cousin Emma who shares her self love exercises, her insight on mental health and wellness, and some of our favorite moments of kindness. This episode is dedicated to a loved one Alyssa/Andrew and to those who have chosen death by suicide. Follow host Laura Bugge @LauraBugge_ and her guest Emma Earnest @earnestadvice on Instagram
Episode 1: Dudley Salmon
2020 Aug 2731m 56s
In this episode I talk with my long time friend Dudley Salmon about his entertainment career and changes he has made due to the COVID-19 pandemic