The Wine Down with Dylan
  • Dylan
4 episodes
The Wine Down Podcast features Dylan, diving deep into conversation with friends, family, and colleagues, while we unwind with our favorite glass of wine. Inside every bottle is a story, join use each Wednesday!


Leaving The Nest Pt. 1: The Child's Perspective
2020 Sep 3050m
Just a little perspective on factors that shape the decisions of many young adults around the world on moving out of their parent(s) home. This episode is Part 1 of a two part series which first features the young adults perspective. It's important to...
Goal Getter Mindset
2020 Sep 2439m 39s
If you really think about it, the go in “go-getter” is a directionless word, absent a destination. In life, we’re all about the go, go, go, spinning in circles but not always making measurable progress toward an objective.Imagine how your life would...
You Just Might Be Lazy
2020 Sep 1626m 44s
Can anybody become an entrepreneur?The short answer is: Yes anybody can, but quite honestly, not everybody should. You see a lot of posts on social media talking about how it’s the only thing to truly set you free. That if you can’t do it, you’re not...
Wine Is Cheaper Than Therapy
2020 Sep 131m 29s
Check out the trailer for what you can expect on this profound, existing twist to a podcast. Join your Host Dylan premiering Wednesday, September 16, 2020 with your favorite bottle of wine, and get ready to live inspired.