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  • Liz Higgins
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Welcome to the Millennial Life Podcast: A space where we have impactful and transformative conversations with other humans and professionals about the Millennial experience, and how to cultivate an epic life and relationship in the modern world.


9. How Natural Birth Impacted My Life And Marriage
2020 Oct 1940m 33s
Liz gets truly vulnerable today as she talks with Midwife and Co-Owner of Origins Birth and Wellness in Dallas, Amy Fagan-Tate, CPM, CLC. There are MANY paths to birth, and Liz opted to explore the natural route for her kiddos. What she didn't necessarily expect was the way that the experience would lead to feelings of personal empowerment and a transformation in her marriage! Listen in as they discuss these elements, and why some of this occurs for mothers and couples who opt to- and are able to- do the natural route.
8. A New Way of Viewing Modern Relationships: Relational Life Therapy
2020 Oct 1448m 45s
Rebecca Wong, LCSW-R, host of the Connectfulness Practice Podcast, and certified Relational Life Therapist, brings us a great conversation on this new and relevant way of looking at intimate partnerships, and why this may be so important for millennials. Liz has been a longtime fan and practitioner of RLT (the relationship model created by Terry Real), so this conversation was a real treat. We hope you enjoy!
7. The Mindset Shifts That Are Saving My Marriage
2020 Oct 1227m 18s
Liz brings personal and intentional reflections to you as she shares how becoming a relational therapist and doing her own "work" has literally saved her marriage. There are many common idealistic mindsets or expectations that we carry into our committed relationship, whether we realize it or not. Liz will talk through some of the few that have shifted her thinking, and why these are so important to consider if you're in a committed relationship.
6. When Genetic Testing Turns Your World Upside Down
2020 Oct 0748m 35s
During this conversation, Liz talks with Cotey Bowman, LPC Associate, therapist, and someone who personally experienced a NPE, or Not-Parent Expected/Non-Paternity Event. In other terms, Cotey discovered (through genetic testing he received as a Christmas gift) that who he thought his biological parents both were for his entire life up to adulthood, were not. This sparked him on a different path in life, including new professional discoveries about this rising experience that so many millennials are going through. You won't want to miss this relevant discussion; Cotey brings so much honesty, compassion, and comfort through facts, a real understanding of the emotional waves this brings, and how to find connection and support if this experience is something you've found yourself in the midst of. Learn more at!
5. Modern Manhood: How to be a 'Good Guy' in the world today
2020 Sep 291h 3m 27s
Cleo Stiller is a Peabody Award and Emmy Award-nominated television-journalist, author and self-identified "relationship nonexpert" obsessed with exploring stories about health, gender, and technology among millennials. Her acclaimed television show Sex.Right.Now. with Cleo Stiller aired on Univision's network Fusion as the network's highest-performing series in primetime. Widely covered by the New York Times and beyond, Cleo's latest book, Modern Manhood, is the topic of today's conversation. She shares the origins of this project, what she learned from hundreds of men who brought their unique experiences to the table, and what the future holds for men AND women as we shape the future, together.
2. For the Commitment Phobe: Conversation with Avrum Nadigel, MSW
2020 Sep 2959m 10s
Alright, ya'll. Get ready to hear from an expert who is BEYOND passionate about what he does, and whose own journey toward finding comfort with commitment led him to discover a path that transformed his thinking and relationship practice. Liz talks with Avrum Nadigel, MSW, author, and couple/family therapist and today, they go deep into a conversation about why commitment is such a challenge, how you can start on a new direction toward growing yourself through your relationships, and how you can begin a new relationship in a healthy direction.
4. Relationship FOMO
2020 Sep 2824m 3s
Join Liz as she talks through the characteristics of Relationship FOMO, and why this is something many millennials find themselves experiencing. Whether you're single, in a relationship, or on either end of this dynamic, it is worth understanding the generational influences and human narratives that can push us to want OUT of a relationship, rather than to stay in.
3. Tech Talk: What To Do When It Gets In The Way
2020 Sep 2852m 34s
Join Liz as she talks with Jeremy Edge, LPC and founder of, a counseling practice to help those dealing with problematic gaming, and social media use. Jeremy brings his knowledge to the conversation as we cover topics such as knowing when "too much is too much", why we get so hooked on social media and other online platforms, the main platforms millennials use, and what to do if you find yourself dealing with this issue in your relationship. Oh, and how us stressed parents can guilt ourselves a little less when it comes to our kids and screen time during a pandemic.
1. Welcome to the Millennial Life Podcast: Here's Why YOUR Relationships Are So Important
2020 Sep 2821m 20s
Welcome to the first of many conversations about the millennial experience and how we can cultivate an epic life and relationship in the modern world. Liz Higgins, licensed therapist and relationship coach, brings her expert knowledge, personal experience, and desire to help you grow in learning to do relationships well. So much has changed about how we do commitment, love, and partnership. Are you ready to get with the times? Join us today and become a part of this conversation toward healthy millennial relationships.