• Chronster
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This is a high class podcast about getting stoned and being awesome. A little of this and that, a great way to waste some time.


Episode 18: Live and Unplugged!
2016 May 1157m 9s
Today we chat with the Organic one! Gabriel Dean of OMP Unplugged. You can Catch his show every night at 8pm PST 11pm EST on USWC.rocks
Episode 17: All's Well that Maxxxwell
2016 Mar 2527m 20s
Yo yo yo! we hang out and get stoned with Maxxxwell from the JMZ podcast on podtrash.com you may have been trolled by him on twitter as @truefloridean we drop some news and take things all the way in the one hour epic that is this episode. Check us out at USWC.rocks
Episode 15: SHO us your stash
2016 Mar 0924m 45s
Hey everybody! this episode we get into wax, oils, and all that busines when we talk to our buddy at The SHO Room. Its super sweet.
Episode 14: Chroncast UNprohibited
2016 Mar 0323m 53s
This time we talk to Jason from UNprohibited Clothing. They are awesome, we talk about all sorts of fun stuff. check check check it out.
Episode 13: Normal People, Awesome Stuff!
2016 Feb 2828m 17s
Hola friends! this episode we talk with Erin from MMJ Billboard and have a load of fun.
Episode 13: Growing Hope with Hope Grown
2016 Feb 2424m 46s
We're back baby! This time we chiggidy chat with Peter from Hopegrown.org! Its real cool and you'd be cooler if you listened.
Episode 11: Valentine's with the Lalas!
2016 Feb 1421m 42s
We talk to Erin, choreographer of the lalas! LA's Hottest Burlesque Show on our Valentines Special! Check them out, its a good time.
Episode 10: Marijuana 101
2016 Feb 1128m 18s
On this cast, we go into some advanced basics on the plant we all love. New to weed? here you go, this one's for you. we also talk to my buddy T from Yourcannabisnow.com about all the goodies they have. it's a fun time.
Episode 9: Doin Yo Thang
2016 Feb 0722m 12s
Hey hey hey! Today we talk about HIGH fasion with so-cal's Ganja Chica Clothing. Its dope, we also listen to some King Kla$$ and I found a new swear button sound. Stay Lifted.
Episode 8: Legal Eagle Regal Smeagle
2016 Feb 0526m 52s
Boston Steve is here and we go over all sorts of legal shhhhhhtuff. Its fun. I think you'll like it