Poker Table Trash Talk
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7 episodes
3 active and former military members Rip, Wayne, and Dean discuss experiences, leadership, and answer questions about daily life in the military and other topics.


War Crimes and Fighting Midgets (ft. B-Nizz)
2020 Oct 112h 7m 49s
Join Rip, Wayne, and Dean as they interview retired Air Force EOD Technician B-Nizz. They talk about his background, time spent in Afghanistan and Iraq, and look at some key leadership issues in society today. We ask B-Nizz his take on a question asked in a previous Poker Table Trash Talk episode.
Dean's Insecurities and Delegating Leadership Effectively
2020 Oct 041h 13m 4s
Dean tells us some of his insecurities and we visit the idea of how delegating tasks can not only make you a better leader, but also your subordinates.
Air Force Jobs: Aviation Resource Management
2020 Sep 2854m 42s
Dean tells us all about his job and some experiences in the military.
The Gran Torino Theory
2020 Sep 211h 24m 11s
This is episode 4 of the Poker Table Trash Talk Podcast (not 5 like Rip says). The guys talk about the new lingo of 2020 and re-live some childhood memories.
Explosive Ordnance Disposal and other things
2020 Sep 131h 34m 17s
Wayne gets drunk and distracted while Rip and Dean talk about some EOD history and touch on what the job entails.
Intercourse in space and American Exceptionalism
2020 Sep 0551m 46s
Rip, Wayne, an Dean give their expert opinions on the protesting in the United States, then shift gears to discuss theories on zero gravity coitus.
How do you want to die?
2020 Aug 3027m 47s
Short introductions from Rip, Wayne, and Dean. We talk about random thoughts and showcase our military humor coping mechanism by talking about some morbid ideas of death and funerals.