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Mighty Deeds is a podcast of high adventure. Whether you like Dungeon Crawl Classics, Dungeons and Dragons, or any brand of old school actual play podcasts, give Mighty Deeds a try. We started off using Ravenloft / Curse of Strahd as a funnel, then the group will be running through some published DCC adventures. Where things go from there is anyone's guess! https://www.patreon.com/MightyDeedsPod https://www.instagram.com/MightyDeedsPod/


Mighty Deeds S1 E9 - Breaking the Curse of Strahd
2020 Oct 2034m 18s
With van Richten’s journal in hand, the party returns to the crypts to complete the ritual that will destroy Strahd forever. But how will they get past the wraiths and the magic trap that guard his final resting place?
Mighty Deeds S1 E8 - A Race Against Time
2020 Oct 1352m 41s
Strahd has been defeated, but the party must still reach the vampyr’s coffin and destroy his body to free Barovia. As the sun sinks toward the horizon, the band pushes forward with new urgency.
Mighty Deeds S1 E7 - A Dizzying Height
2020 Oct 061h 6m 25s
The newly-minted adventurers feel ready to take the fight to the vampyr Strahd. Will the Vistani's predictions lead them to victory?
Mighty Deeds S1 E6 - A Wight in Dwarf's Clothing
2020 Sep 291h 14m 4s
The party finally levels up, and there are now four full-fledged adventurers among the townsfolk. But Strahd's forces are on the alert, and moving through the castle has become much more perilous!
Mighty Deeds S1 E5 - A Protection Against Darkness
2020 Sep 2236m 22s
What are the true meanings of Madame Eva's card readings? Can the party unravel the tangled threads of fate and overcome the vampyr Strahd?
Mighty Deeds S1 E4 - Into the Catacombs
2020 Sep 2247m 25s
The body count rises as the party descends into the cursed crypts below Castle Ravenloft.
Mighty Deeds S1 E3 - Lief Lipsiege
2020 Sep 211h 16m 51s
The party continues the character funnel as they explore the haunted castle. Rash decisions lead to a tight situation in the episode of mighty Deeds
Mighty Deeds S1 E2 - Castle Ravenloft
2020 Sep 201h 1m 11s
The villagers of Barovia have their torches and pitchforks, and are headed to the haunted castle. Will any survive the horrors of Castle Ravenloft?
Mighty Deeds S1 E1 - Yes, in a Tavern
2020 Sep 071h 2m 56s
The inaugural episode of the new campaign starts in, of all places, a tavern. But it's not what what you expect! With no band of fledgling adventurers to bail the town out of its troubles, the villagers must confront the haunted castle THEMSELVES!