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Formerly 'The Sweet Potato Podcast' — this podcast has a lot of different kinds of topic—unarranged and in no specific category, kaya nga unorganized, eh. Join us as we chitchat, exchange an ideas with everyone—pwedeng pwede pagusapan ang 'kahit ano', lovelife, studies, adulting, name it. • like us on facebook | follow us on twitter and IG, @unorganizedpod | email us at


Episode 10 : How does it like on a sea?
2020 Aug 1945m 4s
In this episode, we've discussed about the situations that Noch has and had to experience when it comes to her job—being a femail sailor and she meanly explained everything. • Like us on Facebook, The Unorganized Podcast | Twitter & IG, @unorganizedpod | Email us on
Episode 9 : Noch got curious about BPO Industry
2020 Aug 1944m 18s
In this episode, Noch has set a lot of questions out of curiousity—about the BPO settings, how does it work on the industry. As a tenured agent, I explained to her almost everything started from the interview up to the production floor. Enjoy! • Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook/theunorganizedpodcast | Twitter and IG @unorganizedpodcast | Email us on
Episode 8 : Pet Peeves
2020 Aug 1950m 51s
Noch and I had a discussion of what does annoys us the most, major turn offs. 😡 hay, kahighblood! 🙄 • Like us on Facebook, | Twitter and IG @unorganized | Email :
Episode 7 : Music Influences, Trainings and Singing
2020 Aug 1951m 21s
In this episode, we've talked about how did we start to love singing, play the instruments—music, in general. Listen to it as we shared some stories on how have started to love singing. • Like us on Facebook, The Unorganized Podcast | Twitter and Instagram, @unorganizedpod | Email us on for comments, suggestions, requests and collaborations.
Episode 6 : Money Talks
2020 Aug 1847m 48s
In this episode, Noch and I talked about how we usually spend and save our own money. We've also shared our job and salary stories. Listen as we give advices on how to use it wisely.
Episode 5 : Life Updates
2020 Aug 0227m 28s
hello, guys! kaunting life update lang—puro kwentuhan lang about what had happened for the past 1 month of no entry. sorry naman na, eto na nga 'oh?
Episode 4 : Social Media Etiquette
2020 Jun 1348m 23s
It's good to be back--with my new co-host, Noch! At dahil ang dami na ngang ganap sa social media ngayon, narealized namin na nakakaimbyerna din pala yung mga gawain mo noon sa SocMed, 'no? Kagigil 'tong mga 'to, hmp!
Episode 3 : Self-Growth
2020 May 2310m 1s
This episode is about self-growth - due to a popular request from the listeners, I hope you liked this episode where I made a list of tips for self-improvement. If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to send me a message on our social media accounts, Facebook - On Twitter and Instagram, @unorganizedpod * You might want to answer this form for my improvements -
Episode 2 : 2gether The Series Review + My new Podcast name explanation
2020 May 2119m 46s
And since I can't get over this series, I made an episode about this—I enjoyed talking and I'm glad I was able to introduce my new podcast name to all of you. I hope you liked it! • If you have any suggestions or comments, you may send me a DM via social media — IG/Twitter : @unorganizedpod • Follow and Like 'The Unorganized Podcast' on Facebook. ✨ or you may answer this survey form :
Episode 1 : Who am I and What is The Unorganized Podcast?
2020 May 192m 32s
I want you to know me, why I am here and what is the story behind my Podcast channel and name, Join me as I explore different kinds of contexts every episode. You may also send me comments or suggestions that I could use to improve my works at *