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A look at the latest tech and gaming news from a relaxed perspective. We explore everything from AMD Zen to No Man's Sky and everything in between.


Technobabble 070 - Holy Launches, Batman!
2020 Sep 2729m 29s
Join Jeff as he dives into the tech news hes missed over the last while and shares a review of his new phone, the LG Velvet.
Technobabble 069 - AMTELVIDIA NEWS GALORE!
2020 Aug 2322m 40s
Join Jeff as he dives into the latest PC and tech news. Show notes can be found at and clicking on the appropriate show number.
Technobabble 068 - I'm Goin' Solo
2020 Jul 2523m 58s
Join Jeff as he delves into some of the latest from AMD, Intel and Nvidia. Jeff also takes a look at Microsoft Xbox Games Showcase.
Technobabble June 2020 Update
2020 Jun 211m 48s
Hey guys! Just a quick update for you all today. I'll let the podcast speak for itself. Thanks for hanging in and we look forward to talking directly to your earballs very soon!
Technobabble 067 - The Morning Voice Edition
2020 May 161h 38m 41s
Join Jeff and Dan as they go through the non Computex announcements and go through what they have been playing.
Tekkobubble Episode 066-VII-Remake - The Rebranding Episode
2020 Apr 181h 35m 41s
Show notes at
Technobabble 065 - The Cut and Paste Edition
2020 Mar 283h 51s
Join Jeff and Dan as they look at some tech news and discuss the last four episodes of Star Trek Picard
Technobabble 064 - Picard is Cancelling the Coronavirus
2020 Mar 011h 56m 16s
No show notes this week but Jeff and Dan talk about the last four episodes (3, 4, 5 and 6) of Star Trek Picard. OH and an update to the [RED ALERT] Calyos debacle.