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A podcast promoting the work of Smart Works Reading. We empower women with styling and advice to give them the best opportunity to succeed at job interviews.


Talking charity partners and Give 5 for 5 with Holy Brook Associates
2020 Jul 2212m 5s
Reading based Holy Brook Associates have chosen Smart Works Reading as their charity partner of the year. In this episode, host LJ Stocks talks to Rachel Eden, Director of Holy Brook Associates, about Corporate Social Responsibility, how they choose a charity partner, and exactly what that means. They also chat about the 'Give 5 for 5' campaign to celebrate Smart Works Reading's fifth anniversary and how you can get involved.
Smart Works Shorts #3 - Mirror Mirror
2020 Jul 066m 16s
In our third episode of the 'Smart Works Shorts' podcast series, we stare into the 'self-view' function mirror. Video calls have become the norm, but why are we so obsessed with the self-view function, and how can we train ourselves to ignore it, or turn it off.  Ruth Aitken, client manager at a global tech company and also a Smart Works Reading volunteer interview coach, guides us to see just how distracting that little 'mirror' can be and what we can do about it.
Smart Works Shorts #2 - Dress to Impress
2020 Jun 094m 52s
Our second episode in the 'Smart Works Shorts' podcast series, we take a look at dressing for in-person and virtual interviews. With the increase in video call interviews, how can we still ensure we look our best, to give the best impression? Maggie McMillan, Head Dresser and Trustee at Smart Works Reading, shares her top tips for looking your best.
Smart Works Shorts #1 - Sorry Not Sorry
2020 May 055m 22s
In our first 'Smart Works Shorts' podcast series we look at owning our apologies. What makes us apologise so much and how can we take control? We hear from Ruth Aitken, a client manager at a global tech company and also one of our volunteer interview coaches. She gives us her five top tips to own our apologies.
Celebrating International Women's Day With Nothing Underneath
2020 Mar 0410m 51s
Smart Works Reading and fashion label With Nothing Underneath have teamed up to celebrate International Women's Day 2020. Founder Pip Durell talks to host LJ Stocks about their 'one for one' donation offer and we look more at the 'Each for Equal' theme that runs through International Women's Day on the 8th March.
Smart Talks: Wellness event - Come along!
2020 Jan 0816m 57s
All you need to know about the Smart Talks: Wellness event, hosted by Smart Works Reading on the 24th January. This wellness event is a chance to refresh, relax and renew, and in this podcast our event host, Toni Kent talks to LJ Stocks about who's coming, what's happening and why you should definitely be there.