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Join us at Fake Movies where Mandee, Kelly and Tom riff about movie plot ideas that don't yet exist--but should. Witness our 80s & 90s pop culture brain damage explode in your ears as we explore plot points, montages, potential soundtrack additions, and cameos from Hollywood's most beloved character actors.


Ep19: Brothers Forever
2021 Jan 191h 14m 17s
Stoney Wilson (Corey Haim) and Travis Meyers (Corey Feldman) are two Hollywood “it” boys in hot water. Will FBI agents David and Peter Paul (the Barbarian Brothers) be able to keep them in line, or are they up to their buff necks in trouble? From...
Ep18: Everything He Wants (Last Christmas)
2020 Dec 221h 13m 28s
Billy Onions (George Michael) is on top of the world--and on top of the pops. He's reached the ultimate stardom with his pop duo Yorkshire, but he's harboring a deep secret that is eating away at him from the inside out. Join us with this British rock...
Ep17: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
2020 Dec 151h 16m 2s
Brought to you by the king of kitsch, John Waters, Santa Claus is Coming to Town is about a group of four friends in suburban Baltimore all brought together (and outed) by a very special Santa Claus. Starring Dianne Wiest, Mary Kay Place, Patty Hearst...
Ep16: Captain of Her Heart
2020 Dec 081h 13m 39s
Join us for 30 days of Christmas cheer, only on ABC this holiday season. Starting the Sunday after Thanksgiving we kick off 30 days of holiday magic with The Captain of Her Heart starring Ann Jillian as a lonely stewardess looking for love up in the...
Ep15: The Bad Touch
2020 Dec 011h 18m 37s
Mikey (Pauly Shore) is the whipping boy at Big Ed Howard's (Tom Arnold) car dealership, but he's got more on his mind--namely, Big Ed's wife (Anna-Nicole Smith), Larissa. Just when he thinks he can't take anymore workplace abuse, Mikey is suddenly...
Ep14: Kiss Me Deadly
2020 Nov 171h 15m 45s
Teddy "Rockin" Rooster (John Stamos) rocks the L.A. airwaves late at night with his shockingly scandalous radio show when he finds himself mixed up in the death of one of his regular callers. Just as he begins to think it's all a figment of his...
Ep13: Opposites Attract
2020 Nov 101h 4m 39s
In a world where cartoons and reality collide, Tom Kat is just short of a few cab fares to quit for the night when he runs into classy dame Stella (Paula Abdul), who is being pursued by a couple of thugs. Soon, they both find themselves in danger's way...
Ep12: Behind the Mask
2020 Nov 031h 12m 21s
Marvin Hendricks (Billy Dee Williams) is the district attorney of Chicago and launching his mayoral campaign. He's charming, handsome, wealthy, and a ladies' man. He also is harboring a horrifying double life, and rookie homicide detective Miranda...
Ep11: Nightmare on Elm Street 6 - Dream Evil
2020 Oct 271h 9m 57s
It's been a year since Yvonne (Kelly Jo Minter) escaped Freddy Krueger's clutches, yet she can't stop catching glimpses of him in her dreams, leaving her fraught from sleepless nights and shattered by daytime nightmares of her brush with death. She...
Ep10: Making Plans For Nigel
2020 Oct 201h 9m 20s
Nigel (C. Thomas Howell) is valedictorian of his graduating class, and has unknowingly made twin cheerleader goody-goodies Susan and Sally (Jean and Liz Sagal) furious! Soon enough he finds himself caught in their web as they become unhinged, unleashing...