Full Metal Exorcist
  • Marlon Barlow
5 episodes
My comments on subjects like Religion, Politics, social hypes, psychosocial dynamics and the true essence of anarchy as well as spirituality.


The purpose of human life
2018 Jul 192m 55s
Are our thoughts and emotions just chemical in our brains? What is conciousness?
Why humans are such petty ass stupid spiritual slaves
2018 Jul 103m
If you think you need someone to remote control you because you won't move by yourself then so be it but don't include me.
What the fuck do you know about "love"?
2018 Jul 072m 54s
You just know how to get a good fuck. You never fell in love. Stupid ass piece of shit.
New Age Bullcrap
2018 Jun 302m 47s
What makes new agers stupid?
Religion vs. Metal
2018 Jun 212m 59s
What is the band Slayer really about?