• Sambi Alieu
2 episodes
Frequency Shift is an auditory/ visual experience dedicated to shifting your frequency into alignment with what you truly want to manifest in life. Episodes will highlight successful entrepreneurs, business owners and creatives who have made the leap into the balance of mind, body and soul, sharing how they apply it to every day life and business.


Episode 003- Tiggers and Trauma
2020 Sep 0225m 46s
This episode is an intro into a three part healing series. We will start by visiting two places that are often ignored on the journey to self....triggers and traumas. We have come to a place collectively where we can no longer afford to dismiss the pains and traumas of our past. The world is at a state of emergency and the only way we will be able to restore balance is by first checking in with ourselves. I hope this episode helps you take active steps towards your healing process.
Power of Thoughts
2020 Aug 1023m 2s
On this episode we will be diving into one of the most powerful vehicles for your frequency shift, your thoughts! Everyday the average human goes through about 60,000 thoughts! That's a total of 60,000 vibrations that are either watering your growth or taking you towards a path of complete self-destruction! The good news is we always have a choice, at any given time we can choose to switch our thoughts to align with what we want to manifest, and in this episode I'll show you exactly how you can begin to align your thoughts through the use of positive affirmations. If you enjoy today's episode make sure to tell a friend and leave a comment below, or on any of my social media pages @SambiAlieu.Thank you again for taking this journey with me. I can't wait to hear from you!