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The hosts and special guests of your favorite Professional Casual shows answer your questions, discuss your topics and give you advice on the things are important to you! Need some help with your significant other? Need some help finding a significant other? Well, do we have potentially, some adequate advice for you!


Gluten Selection and a Dog's Affection
2020 Jun 0433m 23s
Tim, Dani, Dan and Sarah talk about their quarantine food choices, help a listener poison their allergy faking spouse, and convince another follower to kill their girlfriends cat so their dog will like them more.
Quarantine Bitches and Masturbation Riches
2020 May 1932m 43s
Tim, Dani and Dan take a question from their first Patreon backer, help a hen pecked husband drug his wife and mother in law, and help a mother find the time and equipment to self care during quarantine.