Everyday Grind, the OD Labs Sessions
  • Tannor Pillow
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Welcome to Everyday Grind, the OD Labs Sessions. The front row seat to the creation of a business, this podcast is the ticket to the rollercoaster ride of economics. Listen in for local insight, experience being built, and a inspiring group of friends working together to shake up the modern-day supplement market! You don’t want to miss this, subscribe for more episodes, & leave us a review on where ever you consume podcasts.


Keto- The Good, The bad, and the greasy
2019 Sep 1411m 12s
In this episode we were learn about what exactly Keto is and my opinion is on it :)
Things to know before you lose weight!
2019 Sep 038m 27s
These are things to know before you attempt to lose weight so you can have a great foundation
OD Labs Session #1
2019 Jun 1026m 48s
OD Labs Session #1