Can we Have Snacks With That?
  • Aubs and Katie
6 episodes
Two highly unqualified and opinionated women discuss life and most importantly, movies.


Little Woman and Little Patience
2020 Aug 241h 6m 18s
We've made it! The season 1 finale is here, and we've come to our final film before the world was set on fire. In this episode, Aubs and Katie talk about the many things they missed in the first viewing of Little Women. While many found this film endearing and a creative great for its time Aubs and Katie forgot some key things in their viewing, their snacks, and their sanity. Also, a guest background noise provided by Assitant Producer Tanner, Katie's dog.
Aquaman and Swedish Fish
2020 Aug 1755m 29s
This week's episode finds Katie and Aubs at odds with one another over the DC comics hit Aquaman. Will they find a common ground in their dislike of Amber Heard? Or will they just eat more Swedish fish in the hopes that the other will fold? Find out!
Cats and Crying
2020 Aug 101h 2m 36s
Our friendship survived Rise of Skywalker, but can it endure the horror that was 2019's Cats?? Find out in this exciting episode as we explore what could have been and how uncomfortable we are with the CGI cats, some more naked than others.
The Rise of Skywalker and Roasted Porg (jk)
2020 Aug 0359m 7s
Join us as we venture into a galaxy that isn't far, far enough away. As Aubrey and Katie discuss the issues they found with JJ Abrams anticipated final to the Star Wars Trilogy.
Birds of Prey and Burrito Bowls
2020 Jul 271h 12s
Episode two where we delve into the manic wonderful world of Birds of Prey. Aubrey reveals her dislike of Aquaman and Katie is a rhombus. Tune in and find out how we enjoyed this fantabulous movie!
Frozen 2 and some Technical Difficulties
2020 Jul 2053m 15s
Stepping into the unknown, two women saw Frozen 2 before the world went insane. From Olaf to Robin Williams we'll discuss the many things that fascinated us about this highly anticipated sequel, and the shenanigans that occurred during said viewings, as well as the technical difficulties we experienced trying to record.