Itchin' For Fiction
  • Sarah, Alexa, & Matt
15 episodes
FanFic connoisseurs Alexa and Sarah teach their friend Matt about fan fiction as he attempts to write his own.


Episode 15: Pen Name Announcement and UPDATES???
2019 Sep 0512m 20s
Announcement quick episode! The results of Matt’s pen name poll are announced and Matt gives an update!
Episode 14: Insert Smurf Pun Here
2019 Sep 0253m 34s
Alexa, Sarah, and Matt discuss the ever enticing storytelling trope, the Smurfette Principle!
Episode 13: Matt Writes Spy Kids FanFiction
2019 Aug 2248m 41s
Getting back to basics with a fresh new fanfiction! Alexa, Sarah, and Matt have returned to read Matt’s new “Spy Kids” inspired fanfiction! Friendships will be tested, a new rating system appears, burps will be unedited, and so much more!
Episode 12: Born Sexy Days of Future Past
2019 Aug 1953m 15s
Alexa, Sarah, Matt, and frequent special guest Mike discuss the popular sci-fi trope “Born Sexy Yesterday” and Matt is given his tags for his Spy Kids Fanfiction.
Episode 11: Special Bonus Episode! Body Horror MattLibs???
2019 Aug 1226m 46s
Since the gang was gone for a month, they have brought you a very special bonus episode where Matt brings a new game for everyone to play titled, MattLibs. Plus special guests Mike & ghost return!
Episode 10: Matt Writes Dragon Ball FanFiction
2019 Aug 0836m 36s
After a month-long hiatus, special guest Mike returns to join the gang as Matt reveals his Dragon Ball fan fiction!
Episode 9: Greys Or Grey???
2019 Jul 0131m 1s
With TWO special guests, Mike & Emily, on the podcast, the gang takes things to a more silly place as Matt brings a new game for everyone to play based off the two popular media giants, Grey’s Anatomy and 50 Shades of Grey.
Episode 8: Matt Writes Greasy Strangler FanFiction
2019 Jun 2025m 8s
Special guest Emily joins the gang as Matt reveals his Greasy Strangler fan fiction!
Episode 7: The Sociology of Smut
2019 Jun 1751m 44s
Alexa, Sarah, and Matt discuss erotic fan fiction as a medium to explore sexuality and Matt's tags are chosen for his next fanfic.
Episode 6: Matt Writes SpongeBob SquarePants FanFiction
2019 Jun 0630m
Special guest Devin joins the gang as Matt reveals his very special and emotional SpongeBob story!