uPROSPER Podcast
  • Rodny Ferrer
3 episodes
The podcast guiding millennial’s to winning with money. The uPROSPER podcast is a companion to my personal finance blog- uprosper.ca where you can find greater detail about the topics on the show. We’ll talk about how to mange your money, money hacks, and other tips that we think everyone should know. They didn’t teach us this in school and nobody is born an expert at managing money. We all need to learn it from somewhere, and I hope this podcast will help you get your finances to where you want them to be. For more information please reach out to rodny@uprosper.ca


Ep 3: Buying your First Car
2020 Sep 1044m
Welcome to the third episode of the uPROSPER Podcast.
Ep 2: Money Hacks, Tips, and Advice
2020 Aug 1146m 25s
Welcome to the second episode of the uPROSPER Podcast. The Sound problem is fixed now!
Ep 1: Getting Started, TFSAs and Millenial Problems
2020 Aug 1032m 58s
Welcome to the first episode of the uPROSPER Podcast.