Beauty Unlocked the podcast
  • Carissa Vikis
37 episodes
Buckle up and get ready as I delve into a variety of topics regarding physical beauty. We'll take a look at our society's obsession with physical beauty and the consequences these impossible beauty standards have had on us. Let's face it; this fascination regarding physical beauty and body image isn't a recent phenomenon; it has been around for centuries, crossing borders, and has affected men and women alike. The realization of this project has come about by my own experiences having to deal with society's perverse notion of physical "perfection" and researching an array of topics that have intrigued me over the years.


A Little Extra: The awkward world of Tinder
2020 Sep 1732m 53s
We're going to delve into the world of online dating, specifically with the dating app you might be familiar with, Tinder.
EP - 28 - Pornography & Violence with The Daughter of Lilith
2020 Sep 121h 16m 46s
We're back with a brand new episode, and guess what? The Daughter of Lilith is back for part 3 of our discussion regarding pornography.
EP - 27 - The Pressure is on in South Korea
2020 Sep 0446m 58s
We're going to delve into South Korea's hyper fixation on outward appearances and how this extreme focus on appearance pressures women and men to conform to societal expectations and spend a relatively significant amount of money on cosmetics as well as undergo specific cosmetic procedures. We discuss the detrimental effects this has on mental health in the long run and how many South Korean women are fighting back against this rigid and Patriarchal society by creating the movement 'Escape the corset.'
EP - 26 - Cellulite Isn't Real.
2020 Aug 2832m 33s
Welcome friends to a brand new episode!
Beauty Unlocked Bonus Episode: I'm all about that Big Dick Energy
2020 Aug 2519m 54s
Welcome to a brand new bonus episode!
EP - 25 - Wait, there's something called Body Neutrality?
2020 Aug 2134m 41s
We have reached 25 episodes, and I would like to thank you all for supporting Beauty Unlocked since the beginning.
Beauty Unlocked Official Mashup Episode
2020 Aug 1024m 39s
You might be wondering what this "episode" is all about.  Let's just say it's a mix between a bonus episode and a lil extra, where you get to hear a selection of audio clips and intros from previous episodes.  I decided to drop what I call a mashup episode for your listening pleasure.
EP - 24 - Pornography & Body Image with The Daughter of Lilith
2020 Aug 071h 7m 35s
You spoke, and we listened; Welcome back to a brand new episode featuring The Daughter of Lilith!
EP - 23 - Take me to Singapore
2020 Jul 3043m 23s
Welcome, my love buckets and get ready to pack your bags as we're about to embark on a new adventure.  We're heading to Singapore.  Make sure to pack accordingly!
Beauty Unlocked Bonus Episode - Smooth out your wrinkles with Scrotox
2020 Jul 279m 45s
This bonus episode is brought to you by Scrotox, the facelift for your scrotum.