Weekly Dose of Tylernol
  • Weekly Dose of Tylernol
29 episodes
Hosts: Tyler Bagbey and Tyler Hall discuss different topics and play music.


S4: Episode 5
2020 Sep 231h 48s
On this episode of WDOT, the Tyler's play their favorite most randomly thought out songs.
S4: Episode 3
2020 Sep 0959m 3s
On this episode, the Tyler's choose their favorite songs that have colors in their titles.
S4: Episode 2
2020 Sep 0258m 30s
On this episode, the Tyler's play some of Virginia's most notable and popular musical artists. Virginia is for Lovers is how the saying goes, so we hope you love this episode.
S4: Episode 1
2020 Aug 2656m 47s
On this season premiere, the Tyler's discuss their experiences during the last 4 months under quarantine. The two also discuss the future of WDOT as this is the final season.
S3: Episode 6
2020 Mar 0959m 11s
On this episode of WDOT, the Tyler's revisit a favorite theme from the their past seasons and discuss their favorite films by playing songs that were really synonymous to those films.
S3: Episode 5
2020 Feb 2158m 28s
On this episode of WDOT, the Tyler's discuss and rank their favorite restaurants, foods, and drinks. While this episode does not resemble their usual music style, the two have a lot of fun discussing their favorites.
S3: Episode 3
2020 Feb 111h 21s
On this episode of WDOT, DJ T-Hall and DJ T-Bag welcome Gloria Kim, the President of Longwood ASIA, one of Longwood's newest and fastest growing multicultural organizations. The theme for this episode is K-POP, a topic where DJ T-Bag and our guest Gloria know a lot about.
S3: Episode 2
2020 Feb 0558m 46s
On this episode of WDOT, Tyler's play their favorite ballads and discuss why this genre is one of their favorites. The two also give a good tribute to Laker's legend Kobe Bryant.
S3: Episode 1
2020 Jan 2457m 56s
On this season premier of WDOT, the Tyler's pay tribute to rapper Juice WRLD, who had passed away since our season finale for season 2.
S2: Episode 15
2019 Dec 061h 52m 38s
On this very special 2 hour finale episode, the Tyler's talk everything Christmas and play some of their favorite Christmas songs. They also have some very special guests! See you all next season in January!