Zero Credentials
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8 episodes
Couple of guys from Toronto talking about the weekly news and random topics ranging from the entertainment industry to the gaming industry. Each segment the guys discuss relationship questions sent in by listeners who is seeking advice.


Episode 8 - I shot you twice because I love you
2020 Aug 0533m 23s
This week’s episode the boys discuss what potentially/allegedly went down between Tory Lanez and Meg the Stallion and why she got shot; was it for love or was it because of hate?
Episode 7 - Entanglement, TikTok, Dr. Disrespect & Nick Cannon
2020 Jul 2242m 36s
In this week’s episode, the boys discuss the Will & Jada situation.
Episode 6 - CyberPunk & Boob Jobs?
2020 Jul 1638m 11s
In this week’s episode the boys talk about Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine.
Episode 5 - PS5, Warzone & Channing Tatum
2020 Jul 0655m 45s
This week, the boys gives their reaction on the PS5 and comparing it with older models and the games that are being launched with it. They later on spoke about Warzone updates, regarding Juggernauts and the new weapons.
Episode 4 - Birth Control & IEDS?
2020 Jun 2940m 26s
In this week’s episode, Six & Dots answer some listener’s questions and actually gives logical advice. They cover controversial discussion about cheating and dating at early stages, pettiness in a relationship and what would you do if your S/O cheated in the first three months of a 3 year relationship.
Episode 3 - Friends & Threesomes
2020 Jun 2247m 49s
This week the boys talk about how life looks after Covid-19, and how businesses will operate with the ‘new normal’. Later they spoke about Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 and the new features and the gameplay so far. Later on they gave some advice to some listeners regarding threesomes with friends and what to do if your Husband is addicted to Cam Girls.
Episode 2 - What is Your Body Count?
2020 Jun 1537m 44s
In today’s episode, the guys talk about the release of the PS5 and the differences compared to the PS4 and Xbox series X. They also spoke about cancel culture and about where donations actually go. Finally, they answer some questions sent in which touched on open relationships and body counts.
Episode 1 - We Learn Together
2020 Jun 0836m 23s
In today’s episode, the guys introduce what the podcast will be about. They spoke about Call Her Daddy Drama, PS5 vs. Xbox, Kylie Jenner Forbes fiasco and then later gave some relationship advice for listeners.