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Daily devotionals, readings scriptures from the Bible and what it means for us.


Repentance And How Do We Repent
2017 Mar 277m
in order to be born again we must Repent of our sins and Repentance is simply turning from sin and furing to God.  We must make a 180 turn to God, and that means to turn completely from sin to God.
What does it mean to be born again
2017 Mar 239m
Why do we have to be born again?  Because we are born into sin, when Adam and Eve sin in the Garden that took the right standing man had with God and in order to have a right standing with God again we have to be born again.
Speak To It Episode 2
2017 Mar 167m
This is the second part od speak to it, and we are going to talk about speaking to things.  You can speak to your mountains and your mountains are
Speak To It Episode 1
2017 Mar 145m
You can speak life or death to your situation,  your  words have power  and that is why you have to be careful of what you are saying.
Speak To It Episode 1
2017 Mar 145m
The power of the tongue to speak death or life.  Your words have power and you have to be careful odof what you are speaking to your