• Yusef Wiley
21 episodes
Why are we on the frontline serving those who have made mistakes? The highlight of the show is to describe how and why grassroots organizations are so important towards empowering disenfranchised people and communities. With particular focus around formerly incarcerated and incarcerated men and women, this is me and we are Timelist, YW Consultants and Returning Entrepreneurs.


Episode 21 - Yusef Wiley's show
2020 Aug 2117m 54s
Leadership and Entrepreneurship training
African American Youth - Education during Covid-19
2020 Aug 168m 5s
Making leaders during Covid-19 within our current education system.
Building New Leaders
2020 Aug 0310m 36s
How do we give people hope who have never saw it before? We must at least begin that conversation.
Episode 18 - Yusef Wiley's show
2019 Sep 066m 59s
Escaping poverty and economic desperation means changing our thinking and creating new values. We can influence our livelihood as long as we are willing to leave our defeated mentally.
Episode 17 - Yusef Wiley's show
2019 Aug 245m 13s
Discovering ones integrity
Change Enter Hearts Esp. 16 - Yusef Wiley's show
2019 Aug 184m 49s
Allow Good Counsel! We may not have the right thinking or the upbringing to become a righteous person. All we have to do is embrace good counsel and develop a belief and love for it.
Episode 15 - Yusef Wiley's show
2019 Aug 062m 46s
Entrepreneurs and their madness. It’s okay because it is apart of it.
2019 Jul 296m 9s
The life of an entrepreneur, it is not easy.
Social Media Positive Impact Challenge
2018 Apr 308m 15s
With such a powerful tool at our disposal why is then so difficult for us to use in a positive way. We are being pulverized in the world both by the hands of others and ourselves. We have a tool at our finger tips that can make a huge difference so I challenge you today to make a difference.
Are You Prejudice?
2018 Apr 1813m 1s
How do we become prejudice and/or racist. Is this something that we are born with or into as a culture or society. What are we doing to get rid of it from our lives.