The Answers (OLD)
  • Dakota J. S.
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The Answers (OLD)


Have A Happy Thanksgiving
2019 Nov 2222s
Happy Thanksgiving! I'll do a Thanksgiving history ep. soon. If you enjoy, please look at more of my episodes, and share my podcast to your friends (if your not a lonely loser) and your family.
Alone by Edgar Allen Poe
2019 Oct 312m 40s
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TNTETW(NQ) | Chapter 3: Headache
2019 Oct 314m 15s
Please Support me so I can buy a new microphone and other stuff.
A Dream by Edger Allen Poe
2019 Oct 312m 25s
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TNTETW(NQ) | Chapter 2: Disbelief
2019 Oct 317m 22s
Go and lison to chapter 1. Please support of more.
Welcome to The Answers
2019 Oct 304m 37s
This is a short trailer for my little podcast and It was NOT written.
Bonus Ep. 1: The Raven (Narratied By Me)
2019 Oct 3013m 34s
Here is The Raven (Narrated By Me):
Podcast EP. 1 S. 1: Travling At Lightspeed
2019 Oct 295m 30s
Lets celebrate. Its my first episode. To day we will talk about light speed and there consequences. Links to my research are down below: