• Levina
4 episodes
WabiSabi is a Japanese term that essentially means “finding Beauty In Imperfection”. in my podcast will talk about everything that life brings it flaws ,cracks, imperfections and all, trying to let go of the quest for perfection, and instead accept the Beauty that lies in all of life’s imperfections.💕


2020 May 092m 21s
Shoutout to one person who loves us more than we love ourselves,Mother. As it’s MOTHER’S DAY🤱🏽🥰, happy mother’s day to every mother out there on earth and the ones in Heaven,We love you so much,#If you’re mother is still alive,don’t forget to share your love and tell her SHE is simply beyond awesomeness and her heart is made of pure gold and to mothers in heaven your memory is treasure for your loved beyond words and missed beyond measure💕.HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY MOTHER🤱🏽💞
2020 May 062m 9s
If you were to give 3 names for the people that You love, will you be one of them or will you forget the one person you should be loving the most,YOU. SELF LOVE IS POSSIBLE AND NECESSARY. selflove is an inside job. Self love is understanding your worth and that you need peace✨.if you can’t love yourself,how can anyone else love you??🥰Never be an option to yourself ✍🏾
2020 May 033m 20s
Wabisabi and poetry is a new Audio series that lets our life be touched by words as we know Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings✍🏾🗣. OUR LIVES changes like seasons some last for just a day and some seasons uh! We loose track of Time😕. I like to believe when there is a Heavy stormy cloud ⛈, a clear and better day is less than a Mile Away. So our problems and difficulties in life , whether it be pandemic disease they come and Go.. Just like SEASONS. #with the current pandemic Coronavirus-Covid 19 times are Hard and many have lost their loved ones,But let’s not give up,Take precautions, stayhome ,,let’s wait for a BRIGHTER SEASON, BE SAFE😷
Old you
2020 Apr 212m 18s
Wabisabi and poetry is a new audio series that lets our life be touched by words, as we know poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings. Old you is pure original truth of your true identity, as we meet people and life it self across our journey,we change,some say we grow,but hey! what growth is it if its just misery,🤷🏾‍♀️when people see what we have,that they don’ our power,they will immediate light off our sparkle if we not careful at the end you might lost YOU. Its best to know who you are,so you won’t be lost when you meet the World✍🏾