• Damen Eckroth
30 episodes
An average Joe talks about mental health issues, his experiences with them, and how he battled against them.


MHC 30: A Fond Farewell
2020 Jul 0715m 15s
Today I bid farewell to Mental Health Check. Creating this podcast was an informative and overall positive experience for me, and I truly hope that it was something that helped people, even if only some small way. I intend to continue advocating for mental health conditions for the rest of my life, though this will be the last I shall do so through this format, at least for the foreseeable future.
MHC 29: The Beginning of the End
2020 Jun 2320m 40s
I uploaded the first episode of MHC on July 16, 2019, and as we reach the one year anniversary of this show, I have also come to the conclusion that we should reach the end as well. Due to the current climate of the world, as well as my own personal uncertainties and feelings, I have decided that this shall be the penultimate episode of MHC. Today I touch on why, as well as on how mental health can affect a person's passions and lead to burnout.
MHC 28: The Fight For Equality
2020 Jun 0930m 9s
Racial discrimination is a very serious societal issue that has a very serious impact on mental health, as well as many other aspects of life. With recent events, I decided to touch on this issue in at least a limited capacity.
MHC 27: Family Factor - The Divorce Dilemma
2020 May 2629m 45s
Today I return to the topic of family, and how divorce, while ultimately a beneficial tool, can have a great deal of adverse effects on people and their mental health.
MHC 26: Taking Things Easy
2020 May 1217m 38s
It's finals season here in the US, and with that comes a great deal of stress, especially in our current environment. Today, I just want to recommend that everyone tries to take it easy on themselves, and remember that it's okay to take breaks when things are getting a little overwhelming.
MHC 25: Stuck Inside
2020 Apr 2824m 53s
Today I attempt to touch on ways to handle prolonged contact with members of a household in times of self isolation.
MHC 24: Motivation in Times of Quarantine
2020 Apr 1427m 16s
The COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage many countries around the world, with no immediate end in sight. Though I am certain that the virus will continue to impact many, many lives, I feel that I have little else to add to the conversation surrounding it. Today, I touch on how to remain motivated and active during these trying times, in what I hope will be the last episode centered on COVID-19 for at least the foreseeable future.
MHC 23: Band Together and Stay Apart
2020 Mar 3121m 52s
A followup to the last episode. COVID-19 cases have swelled in the United States over the last two weeks, and is affecting the population of the world quite severely. There are many different ways people are reacting, and some are more harmful than others. As this illness is severely impacting the world at large, I wanted to readdress it and how we should react to the current situation.
MHC 22: Viral Panic
2020 Mar 1721m 16s
COVID-19 is officially considered a pandemic, spreading throughout much of the world. While it is a sensitive and frightening thing that warrants concern, it is important to not panic. This is often easier said than done. Today, I talk a little about the current state of the world, and why I believe the best thing we can do at the moment is remain calm and attempt to maintain a level of normalcy in our lives.
MHC 21: Family Factor - My Family and Me
2020 Mar 0452m 10s
Family is a very complicated thing, consisting of many different relationships, struggles, and hardships. Everyone's family situation is different, but everyone is affected by their family, no matter what form it may take. I will be discussing this subject over several parts, with this first part being an introduction to my family situation, and how my family affected my development and mental health growing up.