Untold Stories of Division III
  • Chad Berens
3 episodes
The Stories of Division III that have been Untold for years, are now revealed by your hosts, Tanner Brown and Chad Berens.


The Small Town Special ft. Kaleb Weist
2019 Nov 1533m 36s
From small town to the big times of Division III distance running. Join us as Tanner and I welcome one of our best friends and current Wesleyan team member, Kaleb Weist. Someone who has embodied what it means to be a Nebraska Wesleyan Prairie Wolf and has shown remarkable drive and work ethic to get to where he is today. Throughout this episode we hear his story and what his transition to Wesleyan has looked like, what its been like to be a Prairie Wolf, and breaking down the NCAA Central region and Nebraska Wesleyans National Championship hopes!
Episode 1 - The Beginning of the Nebraska Wesleyan Dynasty with Ron Moran and John Ross
2019 Oct 1739m 38s
On this episode we are joined by Nebraska Wesleyan distance running legends Ron Moran and John Ross. Stick with us through a bit of technical difficulties at the beginning. But, in the end we were able to have a great conversation about what Nebraska Wesleyan distance running looked like 35 years ago. Unfortunately we lose John early on in the conversation but still loved what we heard from Ron throughout. Thanks again for joining us, John and Ron.
2019 Nebraska Wesleyan Season Preview
2019 Sep 091h 3m 38s
Join us as we breakdown the upcoming year for the Nebraska Wesleyan Prairie Wolves, make predictions and review the 2018 season as well.