• Srivatsan Ramesh
12 episodes
No insecurities, no doubts just your feelings and the ways you reflect about it.


What's next?!
2020 Jul 194m 50s
Devil alertt!! Haha.... here's a little talk about our devil whom we all would have faced at some point in our life.For comments and topic suggestions @sri_vatsan_2
2020 Jul 034m 12s
A little tribute to the most wonderful companion a person can have💓
2020 Jun 104m 15s
We all have our special people....and this one's for them! Comments and topic suggestions @sri_vatsan_2
Those were the days
2020 May 294m 39s
A walk down the memory lane...for topic suggestions/comments contact @sri_vatsan_2..also hit the follow button for not. Cheers!
2020 May 226m 15s
How do I lead a forever happy life?!...ain't this a million dollar question...well I hope this one gives u an idea on how to lead one! Feel free to give ur suggestions or ideas @sri_vatsan_2
My dear mind
2020 May 135m 53s
I know this lockdown has been hard on us....nevertheless we shouldn't forget to take care of our mind..hope this one gives u hope and calms ur mind..after all that's all we look for.💓✨
2020 May 055m 12s
It's been almost two months since the lockdown started and I can't help but notice a lot of fun things happening in around us..hope u can relate to some of em too!!.cheers💫
The tribute💓
2020 Apr 245m 32s
To the one and only "Master blaster" of world cricket,who continues to be an inspiration for all of us.
The race
2020 Apr 175m 52s
The forever love❤️
2020 Apr 103m 49s
The title says it all.❤️