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Key is a Decatur, Ga native who is sharing how she discovered her greatest strengths were hidden in her vulnerability. This is no simple #BlackGirlMagic, "apply Vitamin E oil to your edges" type of conversation. Key is sharing her personal mental health journey to encourage others on their quest for self growth.


You're a minimalist? Or You're Tired of Debt?
2020 Feb 0537m 11s
Millennial minimalism is the new hot trend. And here you were thinking over-sized teddy coats was the only thing trending. Ha! We're talking about a few things that have contributed to debt creation such as social media envy, social pressure into entrepreneurship, and the addiction to likes and comments.  I'm also giving a few personal tips on how I've began to prioritize MY financial goals while re-establishing self confidence and my personal support community.
The Dash: RIP Kobe Bryant
2020 Jan 2912m 32s
The sudden and tragic death of Kobe Bryant has left me thinking about how I live on a day to day basis. With any death, we have questions. We want to know WHY and WHY NOW? A recent article I read has sparked a unique thought process for me. Listen in on how the passing of NBA Champion Kobe Bryant has me inspired.
Feeling Weak But Needing to Persevere
2020 Jan 1947m 29s
Happy 2020!! My badness for being gone for so long, but I'm bringing you to speed today. I've been hit with some emotional trials and learning how to navigate some trialing situations with my newly acquired skills. I'm doing well, but I'd be lying if I said it's been easy. This episode I'm discussing how I'm exercising my newly strengthened emotional intelligence to assist me in fusing together my weariness with my need to persevere.  We're taking #BlackGirlMagic to new heights in this season. Listen in as I get focused for this new decade.
My Skin. My Process.
2019 Dec 1736m 3s
New Year's Resolutions SUCK, so in this episode we'll discuss the theme of my current season of growth. I've discovered the gift of mindfulness; I've had assistance in learning to meditate, and now I'm applying my new approaches to help me obey my spiritual pull. Let's not be grateful just because it's the holiday season. Let's discuss how gratitude can give us a renewed outlook on life.
Black Girl Execution
2019 Nov 2744m 32s
We spend a lot of time talking about how inspired and motivated we are by things we see on the internet and social media, but what are we DOING? Putting our thoughts into action one baby step at a time will get us closer today then we were yesterday. How can we maximize emotional productivity and push our plan of action? Let's converse...
Stop Being So Selfish
2019 Nov 1045m 53s
As we all step into taking better care of ourselves and establishing healthy boundaries, it's important we don't box out the people who really do love us and want to see us happy. Key discusses how self care AND consideration for our loved ones is not impossible but will require a little more work and self awareness.
I Guess I Have to Accept This
2019 Oct 3035m 9s
The act of accepting is to embrace and adopt the idea of something, so this episode we’ll see how Key learned to accept her process of becoming self aware. Key also is learning how to accept other people’s lack thereof. But how the HECK do you embrace someone else’s lack of self awareness?!?! It’s not easy, but she’ll share how she copes.
I'm Not Okay
2019 Oct 2235m 40s
Before we jump into the urban saga that is Key's life, we have to tackle a few events that played out that lead to her PTSD and anxiety diagnoses. Listen in as we walk the path towards finding the strength to utter the words, "I'm not okay."
CCC: The Introduction
2019 Sep 304m 26s
This  is gonna be kinda lit. Triple C is the perfect balance of sugar and spice while being real with ourselves. We're talking about self awareness, growth, and keeping our thoughts about ourselves in check. Season 1 will be starting soon so get ready to be encouraged and motivated.