Love Dates + Robots
  • Alaya Rain
4 episodes
Dating Coach, Alaya Rain, discusses all the concepts of navigating through the dating world with the importance of self-development, techniques, life experiences, and all hilarious and sexy aspects in between. Conversations are raw and real while guests share their real-life challenges and successes in their dating lives and relationships. 18+.


Tackling Jealousy Head-on in Relationships
2020 Aug 1458m 46s
Flynn gives his clear and far-from-sugar-coated take on what he feels is occurring when there is jealousy present in romantic relationships.
Transforming from Jealousy to Trust
2020 Aug 061h 7m 41s
After 10 years of marriage, Vivi and Chad share their story of how transforming from jealousy to now having full trust in their lives is freeing and a key aspect of a fulfilling relationship and happy life. Vivi shares her experiences of what it was...
Safety in the Dating World
2020 Feb 241h 20m 6s
Self Defense instructor Randy King on how to protect yourself in the dating world.
Transforming into a Life of Self-Awareness
2019 Dec 291h 8m 41s
Jordan discusses confidence, self-awareness, and how he lands dates.