Love, Listen & Learn
  • Ashek Tachung
11 episodes
Love, Listen & Learn is a collection of various pre recorded debates, discussions, seminars and talks which are relevant, intresting and very informative. It is for anyone who love to listen and listen to learn.


You will be amazed what you attract once you started beleiving what you deserve.
2020 Sep 186m 23s
Have you ever ask yourself what you deserve ?
Structured Distraction.
2020 Sep 0616m 46s
Structured distractions: How to make the most of your breaks at work. Written by Anne-Laure Le Cunff.
Episode 7: World Bank Group
2020 Aug 2213m 7s
This episode effectively conveys information regarding important Institutions such as World Bank Group which comprises 5 international organizations.
Episode 6: Being happy and living at the moment
2020 Aug 1511m 51s
17 year-old Aisha Chaudhary was born with and immune deficiency disorder and overcame with a predicate life expectancy of 1 year to have become an accomplished artist. Despite a serious lung disease called Pulmonary Fibrosis, her persistent optimism and extraordinary maturity in the face of impossible odds, and calm perspective on life challenges have been an inspiration to many.
Episode 5: Are India's Constitutional values really u/ threat ? Subramanian Swami & Asauddin Owaisi
2020 Aug 0957m 28s
What are the values of Indian Constitution ? Are they being followed ? Asauddin Owaisi and Subramaniyam Swami debate about the present interpretation of the constitution with J Sai Deepak.
Episode 4: The Abrogation of Article 370 and what it means to 'Kashmiriyat'
2020 Aug 0242m 32s
Intriguing. Intense. Insightful. Gowhar Geelani, Jamyang Tsering Namgyal, Anand Ranganathan, Syed Salman Chisty, Vivek Agnihotri with Abhijit Iyer Mitra discussed Art 370.
The Balloon Man
2020 Jul 262m 33s
There was a man who made his living selling balloons of many different colors.
Episode 3: Echoes from a Forgotten Past(1883-1924)
2020 Jul 2547m 19s
Dr Vikram Sampath talks about Veer Savarkar and the myriad controversies surrounding the man.
Episode 2: Past Before Us by Romila Thapar
2020 Jul 181h 1m 43s
Romila Thapar is an Indian historian whose principal area of study is Ancient India. She is the author of several books including the popular volume, A Hostory of India, and is currently Professor Emerita at JNU, in New Delhi.
Episode 1: Sabrimala & Tripple Talaq
2020 Jul 111h 4m 19s
It is a discussion on Sabrimala & Tripple Talaq: different case studies for gender equality in India.