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The Blhack List Podcast, hosted by Tj Atkinson, offers a hub for inspiration and motivation. Blhacklist is completely unfiltered, showcasing raw and direct content from black entrepreneurs across the world. Ps: Tj Atkinson also has the occasional rant about life, relationships and his love for KFC!


How to quickly make more money by understanding the science behind it
2020 Aug 116m 27s
This video could honestly be the most important youtube video you watch in 2020 about how to make more money.Money has to be understood - In this video I break down how to make more money by simply understanding it....You can connect with Tj Atkinson...
Instagram likes doesn't pay your bills with Emmanuel Asuquo
2020 Jul 1050m 58s
We speak to our resident financial advisor Emmanuel Asuquo who has been featured on Channel 4 and often talks across the country....How to handle your finance effectivelyWhat you need to do you improve your financial positionYou can connect with Tj...
Dear White people ( Racism Challenge)
2020 Jun 2648m 54s
In this deeply emotional episode Tj breaks down (literally) the constructs of racism in the United Kingdom and what white people can do about it...I talk about my arrest during lockdown for attempted murder...I share my 5 main experience with the UK...
How to deal with haters in every areas of your lives
2020 Jun 149m 41s
Haters and troll are a very real part of your entrepreneurial journey. Do you let it get to you or do you use these strategies to overcome it...?Ps: I actually fancy my biggest trollInstagram - -...
Weaponise your Money! How to win the war on Race
2020 Jun 0816m 56s
In this episode we talk about how to use your money to do the fighting for you. Your money is equally as powerful as your voice. I have a candid conversation on how we can bring about change by understanding the power of your moneyYou can connect with...
Rent to Rent is the quickest way to get into property with Tj Atkinson
2020 Jun 0311m 3s
In this episode I share one of my property strategies. Rent to Rent HMO and Rent to Rent Serviced Accommodation is one the fastest growing property strategies in the UK right now...I break down how you can earn an additional income every month by...
Want instant success? Be unrepentantly selfish!
2020 Jun 017m 46s
In this episode I share how you can help other people by becoming ultra selfish. It might be a little controversial but have a listen and let me know you thoughts in the review section.Instagram - -...
How to bag a 6 figure salary in 6 to 8 years in the Corporate world
2020 Jun 0132m 12s
Tj Atkinson interviews Lola, an entrepreneur, property investor and corporate high flyer to find out how what the key step are to go from a £20k starting salary to 6 figures in less than 8 years. Instagram - -...
Do Black Lives Actually Matter Though?
2020 Jun 0116m 10s
Tj talks on the current situation regarding the death of George Floyd, Ahmaud Abery and how to fight back again a system of clear oppression. Tj breaks down 5 crucial things that anyone can do to regain personal power. Instagram -...