• The Iggy Parents
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A podcast about two first-time iggy parents’ experience with their Italian greyhound, Adelaide. Iggy Parents Jess McKay and Ryan Robinson-Hatton talk about how Adelaide won the hearts of thousands of followers on Instagram, her progress with training, and new experiences she continues to have in her young life. Whether you’re a new iggy parent, an admirer of Italian greyhounds, or are looking for a podcast for your morning dog walk, you’ve come to the right place. Follow us on Instagram @theiggyparents or Adelaide @iggyadelaide.


Episode 13 - All About the 'Gram
2020 Sep 211h 21m 39s
If you’ve been wondering what it’s like to grow your Instagram account and meet like-minded dog parents all around the world, we’ll be sharing our journey. Learn about how we grew Adelaide’s account to 1000 followers before @iggyadelaide even arrived home and how things have changed since. We’ve still got lots to learn and discover but it’s been a #wildride so far and we’ve been loving every minute of it.
Episode 12 - All About Iggy Birth
2020 Sep 1458m 57s
In this episode we reveal the name of Adelaide’s little sister and explain all the reasons behind her name. We’ll also share our top choices for the name and other possible contenders that were recommended by our followers. We will go on to tell the birth story of Luna’s latest litter of Italian greyhound puppies and all the complications that followed. Lastly, in our pupdate we will share the experience of meeting Adelaide’s 1 week old sister.
Episode 11 - Top 5 Tips for Potty Training
2020 Sep 071h 3m 26s
In this episode, we get down and dirty and discuss that topic everyone’s been asking about... potty training! We’ll talk about all the different methods people use to train their pup whether that’s going potty inside or outside the home. We’ll also reveal the results of our polls asking our iggy friends about their potty habits. And to finish off the episode we’ve got all the zany poop stories you’ve been waiting for!
Episode 10 - Stages of Puppy Fever
2020 Aug 3143m 28s
In this episode we discuss the 10 Stages of Puppy Fever. Whether this is pup number one or 101, we’ll count all the different ways Iggy Parents anticipate the homecoming of their newest companion. What exactly is puppy fever? Can’t sleep because you’re dreaming of your new pup? Going a little loony researching all the different breeds you’d love to welcome into your life? When we were waiting for Adelaide to come home, we counted dogs in the park, watched dog-related movies and followed all the dog celebrities on social media. These are just a few of the stages you might experience when waiting for your very own iggy.
Episode 9 - Top 5 Tips for Iggy Alone Time
2020 Aug 2448m 19s
In this episode we discuss our Top 5 Tips for Iggy Alone Time - but what do you mean by alone time? This episode is for anyone who struggles with leaving their dog alone, whether that’s completely alone in the house or simply just unattended. We will chat about how to identify that your iggy is having a problem and what to do to help make your pup feel at ease. Your iggy may not be experiencing all signs of separation anxiety, but we wanted to start the conversation in an effort to help you and your iggy adjust to being on their own. We’ll share our personal experience with Adelaide and how it’s been since quarantine/lockdown caused us to be inside more. We will also share a tip from our iggy friend, Bambi, who has been working on getting comfortable with iggy alone time. Disclaimer as always, we are not vets or experts in dog behaviour, but give our advice as best we can from our personal experience and shared stories. We hope you and your iggy can find success with any or all of these top tips!
Episode 8 - Iggies and Bee Stings and Allergies...Oh My!
2020 Aug 1747m 30s
In this episode we discuss all things related to iggies and allergies! We’ll share our first-hand experiences dealing with Adelaide’s allergies and sensitivities as well as the dreaded bee sting story. We’ll discuss what we’ve learned, symptoms of allergic reactions, what to do in case of emergency and provide more stories from our friends. You’ll hear about Skoga the iggy’s experience with not one but TWO hornet stings, Alydar’s allergic reaction to flowers, CJ’s sensitive stomach and Trevi’s reactions to vaccines. We hope this episode will help anyone who may discover allergies in their little iggies and give them the proper tools to help their pups when they’re in need.
Episode 7 - What's in a Name?
2020 Aug 101h 2m 56s
In this episode we explore all the thoughtful, inspired and sometimes comical ways that Iggy Parents come to find the name of their iggy (or iggies). When did you name your iggy? Did you name your iggy because of the way they looked or their personality? Did you have an Italian influence? Whether you’ve got just one or many reasons for naming your iggy the name you did, it’s a beautiful thing to give your dog a special name. We’re going to share with you Adelaide’s name story and then many heartwarming stories from our friends. After listening to our friends and recalling back to our story, we concluded that there are generally 5 criteria or tips for naming your iggy. We’ll also let you in on the most common dogs names of last year. We hope you can relate to all of these methods of naming or perhaps even be inspired if you don’t have a name for your iggy yet!
Episode 6 - Iggy Starter Kit (Part 2)
2020 Aug 0332m 26s
In this episode (Part 2 - The Iggy Starter Kit) we continue the discussion about the Iggy Starter Kit - all the things you need (or don’t need) to bring your iggy home for the first time. This is for all the new iggy parents out there or expecting puppy parents. Getting an iggy can be quite expensive, so we’re here to help you prioritize what you need and maybe don’t need in the beginning.
Episode 5 - Iggy Starter Kit (Part 1)
2020 Jul 2751m 57s
In this episode we discuss all the items and information we’d recommend to acquire for an Iggy Starter Kit - all the things you need to bring your iggy home for the first time. This is for all the new iggy parents out there or expecting puppy parents. Getting an iggy can be quite expensive, so we’re here to help you prioritize what you need and maybe don’t need in the beginning.
Episode 4 - Leg Breaks
2020 Jul 2044m 38s
In this episode we delve into the highly emotional but very serious topic of leg breaks in the Italian greyhound breed. We hope to shed some light on the subject by sharing a conversation with Adelaide’s breeder, telling a cautionary tale from an iggy friend, showing the results from our own polls on social media as well as researched information from a veterinary office. We will discuss our opinions about pet insurance and ways to prevent leg breaks in your iggy. If you’ve been nervous about the chance of leg breaks in your iggy, you won’t want to miss this episode.