Scratching The Service Podcast
  • Sherane Chen
9 episodes
Are you ready to take profitable action steps for your restaurant and build your brand! Welcome to the Scratching the Service Podcast, join your host Sherane Chen as she brings quick and simple strategies directly to you on how to market and build your restaurant brand online. After doing restaurant marketing for both small businesses and corporate, Sherane is going to deliver trainings, expert interviews and strategies that will skyrocket your success. Click play and let's get started!


SS 08: 3 Ways To Incorporate Local Farmers Into Your Restaurant
2020 Sep 215m 45s
Are you always thinking of ways to incorporate local ingredients into your restaurant?
SS 07: Why You Should Have Interactive Dishes On Your Menu
2020 Sep 148m 6s
Let’s be honest, we all enjoy playing with our food sometimes. What do I mean by that? Interactive Dishes.
SS 06: How To Use A Soft Launch to Generate Business
2020 Sep 089m 6s
This week we are talking about one of my favorite strategies. Soft Launches.
SS 05: 3 Tips for High Engagement Through Instagram Stories
2020 Aug 319m 45s
Are you getting engagement on your Instagram stories?
SS 04: The Plant-Based Trend
2020 Aug 247m 35s
You may have heard the term plant-based diet and been wondering, what exactly does this mean? Who exactly is adopting this diet? And how should my restaurant be prepared to serve these customers?
SS 03: What is Wifi Marketing? And Do I Need It?
2020 Aug 175m 28s
What is Wifi Marketing?
SS 02: Why You Should Partner With Food Bloggers
2020 Aug 106m 4s
Believe it or not, when I first started in the food/restaurant marketing space I started out as a food blogger. I was living in north Florida and myself and some friends really enjoyed going out and eating at really amazing restaurants. From there I was able to get partnerships and sponsorships from some of the top restaurants.
SS 01: 4 Key Performance Indicators Your Restaurant Should Be Tracking
2020 Aug 038m 41s
“What should I be tracking in my marketing?”
SS 00: Welcome To Scratching The Service Podcast
2020 Jul 231m 42s
Welcome to the Scratching the Service Podcast! I’m your host, Sherane Chen! This podcast is all about helping restaurant owners just like you build and market your brand online. Every Monday I will be dropping strategies, expert interviews and trainings on how you can skyrocket your success. The first official episode of the podcast will be dropping August 3rd and until then, make sure you follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! I can’t wait for you to take your restaurant brand to the next level!