• Victoria Christopher Murray and ReShonda Tate Billingsley
7 episodes
Capitol Hill By Victoria Christopher Murray and ReShonda Tate Billingsley Valencia Morgan Hill is a two-term Congresswoman from the 12th district in Virginia. A 1993 political science graduate from Spelman, she met her husband, Lawrence Hill when he attended Morehouse and the two are law school graduates of UVA. While Lawrence became a high powered attorney, arguing civil rights cases before the Supreme Court, Valencia was on the other side of the legal aisle. A career prosecutor, she became inspired to go into politics when under President Obama, a vacancy came open in her district. She was approached by the local Democratic Party and in one of the only swing districts in Virginia, Valencia won her first term in 2014; then in 2016, she was very excited to be on the ticket with Hillary Clinton for her second term. However like everyone else in America, on the morning of November 9th, Valencia found herself shocked that she would now be serving in a Congress under President Donald Trump. Now, as the Democrats are looking for that saving grace to get them out of this mess, Valencia’s name continues to come up as a viable 2020 candidate. For the first time, she’s considering the possibility of a run. It makes sense in her life now — she’s learned her way around Capitol Hill, her name has been on a number of key bills that have left the House and on the home front, her husband is doing well, and her children: twins, Ebony and Ethan are rising Seniors at Spelman and Morehouse doing well also. Valencia begins to give serious thought that this may be the time for her to serve her country in a different capacity. But just as Valencia makes this decision to consider a presidential run, everything in life seems to change: her afro-centric daughter (lock-styling, dashiki-wearing girl) is engaged to a white man from Lynchburg, Virginia and whose parents are big Trump supporters and donors. And her son, who has always wanted to work at NASA, has decided on a different kind of ride: he wants to be a rapper. From meeting Ebony’s fiancé’s parents, to having to deal with her son’s Anti-Trump Rap which is a #1 hit on iSound, that road to the White House is a bumpy one for Congresswoman Valencia Hill. Capitol Hill is a dramedy, that will entertain as well as educate the listeners to the things that are going on and going down in Washington.


Episode 6: The Results Are In
2018 Nov 0918m 59s
It's election night and Valencia and her family wait with anticipation to find out if she continues to hold her Congressional seat. Not only that, but the time has come for Lawrence to come clean and explain who is Felicia Dixon. Could Lawrence's involvement with this woman ruin everything they've all worked hard for and cut the victory party short?
Episode 5: Sins of The Past
2018 Nov 0223m 32s
Valencia has to face the press and answer questions about her son, T-Ice’s rap song, "Dump Trump." But while she’s able to successfully turn that situation around (at least for now), she’s hit with a bombshell from her campaign manager. When Donnell brings up a name from her past, Valencia knows this is a secret that will no longer stay hidden. And now she’s sure...this will be the end of any hope she has to have a legitimate run for president.
Episode 4: Rapper's Delight
2018 Nov 0218m 9s
Ethan Hill is more than a Morehouse chemistry major...he’s now T-Ice, the hottest new rapper on the scene. Only Valencia has no idea that he’s hot or that he has a new song. But when she hears, “Dump Trump” on Fox News, Valencia knows for sure that the Republicans will be coming for her. But the Republicans will be easy compared to what she has to face in her personal life — the battle between her husband and her campaign manager and ex-boyfriend, Donnell Wiley.
Episode 3: Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
2018 Oct 2426m 35s
Valencia tries to put her reservations aside and invite her daughter’s boyfriend and his parents to their home. But once Alice and Jimmy Lee Boone walk through the door, it goes downhill from there. These Trump supporters don’t mix well with the Democratic Congresswoman and more than a few sparks fly between the two families.
Episode 2: Camera Ready
2018 Oct 2414m 31s
It’s been one shocker after another for Congresswoman Valencia Hill, first the stunning news about her daughter’s boyfriend...and then, her son’s newfound career. But she has to put it all aside as she sits down for the most important interview of her career with one of the top media outlets in the country. But the cameras are rolling and the surprises keep coming. Will any of these derail her chances for re-election?
Episode 1: I Got This!
2018 Oct 2416m 10s
Valencia Hill is about to undergo the interview of a lifetime...one that will position her as a frontrunner in the race to be the country's first Black female president. But when her "woke" daughter arrives from college with an unlikely guest and he son comes ready to showcase his new skills as a "conscious gangsta rapper"...could Valencia's hopes be derailed before they even get started?
Capitol HIll Podcast - Promo
2018 Oct 231m 10s
Capitol Hill Podcast - Promo