The Made Brave in Christ Podcast
  • Morgan Sanders
12 episodes
The Made Brave in Christ Podcast is for the Christian entrepreneur who wants to grow in their relationship with Christ AND learn how to grow a sustainable business that glorifies and honors God. In this podcast you will hear from mentors in faith and business to understand how to use your God given gifts every single day of your life and business. Let’s learn how to become Made Brave in Christ! Support this podcast:


EP - 011
2020 Jul 0718m 21s
On today’s episode we are changing things up a little bit. We are working through the study of 1 John 1:8-10!
EP 010 - Persevering in Faith with a Chronic Illness
2020 Jun 3025m 54s
In this episode, Morgan shares more of her personal story of having a pacemaker since she was a baby, how even with the hardship she has faced, she has continued to perservere in her faith.
2020 Jun 2312m 28s
In this episode, Morgan talks about all of the many updates and experiences she has been going through the last month!
EP 008 - Building a Solid Business Foundation
2020 Jun 0914m 16s
In this episode, I share how I have laid a solid business foundation that has allowed me + my clients to sign clients easily!
EP 007 - Living on Mission with Emily Morgan
2020 Jun 0229m 24s
Emily Morgan is a rancher's wife with two baby girls living in Northeaster Oklahoma. She has a passion for missions and sharing the gospel of Jesus with people near and far. She currently works with CARHA in an effort to raise funds to build a new professional school, giving people opportunities to learn skills and trades to provide for their families.
EP 006 - Caring for our Whole Person with Airriaunte Mercer
2020 May 2623m 28s
In this episode, I get to chat with Tae Mercer. Tae is extremely passionate about encouraging believer to care for their whole person. She give so much wisdom and insight into applying this concept into every aspect of our daily lives & I know that she will encourage so many of you through this episode!!
EP 005 - Sharing our Faith Authentically
2020 May 1916m 20s
In this episode, we dive into some beliefs about sharing your beliefs with your business are just NOT true!! We talk about removing toxic people from your life, sharing your personal testimony + talk about how to OWN your faith!
EP 004 - Our Occupation is our Ministry with Caleb Sanders
2020 May 1238m 43s
In this episode, I get to talk to Caleb Sanders, my husband! We talk about how we can share Jesus within our workplaces and he give us such wisdom and insight to this topic!
My Business Story
2020 May 069m 26s
In this episode, you will learn all about how I started my business and how I got to where I am now!
Why Reading Your Bible is so Important
2020 May 0621m 2s
In this episode, I talk about why Bible study is so important to our walk as believers in Christ. I share tips and resources to help you in your time of reading and studying.