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The BLACK LADDER podcast is a collection of conversations with interesting Black individuals who not only do amazing work, but are consciously helping the wider community to climb the career ladder too. To get in touch hit me up on:


Episode 9: Senior Legal Counsel
2020 Sep 221h 1m 23s
Today’s guest is Kenzo Onumonu, Kenzo is a lawyer who works as a Senior Legal counsel for a venture capitalist.
Episode 8: Head of Procurement
2020 Aug 031h 16m 19s
Today’s guest is Lorraine Copes MCIPS, she is the head of procurement at Corbin & King’s where she is responsible for group procurement, supply chain, quality assurance and the inventory system.
Episode 7: Tech & Digital Governance Entrepreneur
2020 Jul 131h 15m 1s
Today’s guest is Dr Nneka Abulokwe - a tech, digital governance and diversity specialist who is passionate about the intelligent use of technology and governance.
Episode 6: Model
2020 Jun 091h 4m 8s
Today’s guest is Dr Efosa Uwubamwen. Efosa is currently a full time model who’s career started whilst he was studying for his General Medicine degree In Czech Republic. He was scouted after a friend of his saw him in some nightclub photos on Facebook.
Episode 5: Digital Brand Manager
2020 May 191h 1m 23s
Today’s guest is Steven Apampa. Steven is a Digital Brand Manager at Nike where he plays a role in providing consumers with the best digital experiences. He primarily manages Nike’s digital content on Foot Locker’s channels.
Episode 4: Robotics & Intelligent Automations Manager
2020 May 121h 7m 1s
Today’s guest is Tola Apampa. Tola is Risk advisory and audit manager at Deloitte. Im sure you heard Deloitte and audit and you’re probably thinking he’s an auditor, but you’re wrong; he’s way too cool for that. Tola manages the large scale Robotics & Intelligent Automations division where he specialise in the Financial Sector working with tier 1 & 2 banks.
Episode 3: Pharmacist
2020 May 051h 5m 30s
Today’s guest is Nike Fakoya. Nike is a Pharmacist, a Business owner, Wife, Sister, and Mother - specifically my mother. Right now, she’s working with the NHS as a Senior Prescribing Advisor of High cost drugs. Her legacy in life is to build people up.
Episode 2: Lead Engagement Officer
2020 Apr 281h 1m 19s
On this weeks episode, i’m chatting with Onyeka Onyekwelu. Onyeka is the Lead Engagement Officer for the London Office of Technology and Innovation (LOTI).
Episode 1: Insight Manager
2020 Apr 211h 16m 27s
Hooray, Episode 1 is now out!
Trailer 2: About Me/Podcast
2020 Mar 0814m 35s
Trailer 2: A little blurb about me, the host of The Black Ladder Podcast.