Savvy Money Moves
  • Elkie Clinton
23 episodes
Tips and tricks on how to shift your money mindset and remove barriers that stunt your financial growth. Cover art photo provided by rawpixel on Unsplash:


The Power of Money Affirmations
2020 Jul 1322m 56s
In this episode I explain how I use money affirmations to assist in my financial goals and how you can top!
How to Prepare Your Life and Business For Profit with Dr. Ranelli A. Williams
2020 Jun 2232m 32s
In this episode I have a conversation with Dr. Ranelli A. Williams Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Master Money Coach, and Legacy Catatlyst about shifting your money mindset with it comes to your business and personal finance. Dr. Ranelli touches on setting up your business and life for profit and abundance.
Emotions, Money, and Hustle! Covid-19 Money Lessons
2020 Apr 1026m 16s
Covid-19 has impacted so many of us and different ways. Our response is probably all over the place. How can we utilize this time to still remain focus and manage all what we have going on? This episode talks about things we can do to still manage our money and hustle to make it.
Are You and Your Partner On The Same Page About Money?
2020 Feb 2619m 45s
This session addresses the differences in understanding and impression about money. Is wealth building something you both share as goals? Do you both value ownership of property? Do you differ on the concepts of saving money? These are questions you can ponder with your partner or your future partner. This episodes guides you on what to consider to ensure you are on the same page.
Are you living the life you want or waiting to live it!
2020 Feb 1529m 32s
How many times have you put off a goal or decide to not do something because you are waiting for the right time? Allowing debt to stop you from doing the things you want to do. Girl, stop! This session will help you shift your mind around doing things that bring you joy now.
The Journey to the Top of Your Hill of Success Require Some Essentials.
2020 Feb 1320m 42s
We have all been a journey hoping to meet a goal and be successful. Sometimes we meet up with challenges along the way that can deter us but how do you overcome them? This session will show what are some essentials to take on that journey with you up your hill of success.
Your Side Hustle Is Your Business!
2020 Jan 1526m 58s
With so many side hustle opportunities that exist today it is more common to have one than not. But is there shame that exist when doing some side hustles? When it comes to taking care of yourself and your family as a single mom what options do you have outside a regular 9-5? We explore the side hustle and why it’s your business what you do to make money.
Do You Really Need Credit Repair? DIY Tips
2020 Jan 1026m 47s
I know you have heard of many credit repair programs. There are so many out there and it can be overwhelming and expensive. There are some things that you can do right now that will save some money and not negatively impact your scores. Check out this segment for some tips to help you build better credit habits.
My Intentions Are Good!
2020 Jan 0128m 40s
Setting our intentions for the New Year is extremely important. We have to make sure they are good. Have you set some good intentions for 2020? This episode helps you explore how setting your intentions everyday can lead to success!