The Samaritan Conversations
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3 episodes
A series of conversations with business and community leaders who put humanity above religious, political, or other tribal ideologies. Men and women who demonstrate what it means to be Good Samaritans in today's world.


Stop for the One, Sam Divine, Jr.
2020 Sep 0735m 32s
We cover Sam's story (3/3 cohosts)and discuss how being a servant leader (good samaritan) is part of his strategic business goals. And, Jason adds and the trio discuss the importance of "Stopping for the One."
Samuel Kelly
2020 Aug 0142m 1s
In this episode, Samuel Kelly shares about leaving the church while in college as he pursued a degree in Chemistry. Samuel shares how he scientifically researched Christ and found him to be counter-cultural;  how helping people led him to eventually create a financial planning company where he helps all people even if they don't hold the same Samaritan values.
Ep 1 Jason Cosby
2020 Jul 0940m
Co-hosted by Sam Divine, Samuel Kelly, and Jason Cosby, Samaritan Conversations dives into practical application of a story told over 2000 years ago. In this episode, learn Jason Cosby's story of faith, family, and community. Learn how he and his wife started a coffee community, initially by giving away free coffee. Also, hear a fascinating Samaritan story from Samuel Kelly