When Banned Things Happen To Good People
  • toddsullivan
8 episodes
When Banned Things Happen To Good People is a podcast about censorship and the arts. We'll look at books, films, and more that have been banned or challenged in the past.


Episode 7 - The Autobiography of Malcolm X (Part Five)
2020 Sep 2051m 40s
This week we're talking about the final two chapters in the Autobiography of Malcolm X, covering the final period in his life following his visit to Mecca, just prior to his death. Oren and Todd also take a few minutes to talk about the raging dumpster fire that is life in 2020.
Episode 6 - The Autobiography of Malcolm X (Part Four)
2020 Sep 0644m 49s
Oren and Todd return to their discussion of The Autobiography of Malcolm X. They also talk too much, which required this episode to be split into two. This week, it's a look at chapters 15, 16, and 17.
Episode 5 - Gone With The Wind
2020 Aug 211h 10m 36s
Todd and Oren take a break from their look at the Autobiography of Malcolm X to visit a film from the same era (a film mentioned early on in the Autobiography -- and not exactly raved about). Gone With The Wind features problematic portrayals of slavery, and was recently pulled from HBO Max to add some much needed context to those portrayals. They also discuss whether women should be allowed to travel in carriages on their own.
Episode 4 - The Autobiography of Malcolm X (Part Three)
2020 Aug 031h 14m
Audio issues are overcome and the podcast is back on schedule with this week's episode, as Todd and Oren continue to look at Autobiography of Malcolm X -- which, for this week's chapters, reads a bit more like the Autobiography of the Nation of Islam.
Episode 3 - The Autobiography of Malcolm X (Part Two)
2020 Jul 281h 9m 8s
Some unfortunate technical difficulties led to the delay of the episode, as well as some less-than-stellar audio, but we're back anyway, to continue our dive into The Autobiography of Malcolm X, covering chapters  six through 10.
Episode 2 - The Autobiography of Malcolm X (Part One)
2020 Jul 0653m 23s
This week Todd and Oren finally dig into their first book -- The Autobiography of Malcolm X -- covering chapters one through five, as well as the introduction. They also discuss the evolution of language from 1965 to 2020 while trying to keep their white male privilege in check. Yes, the conversation is a bit wild and unstructured this week, but that'll hopefully be fixed in future episodes.
Episode 1: Why We're Here and What We're Doing
2020 Jun 2343m 6s
This is it! The first official episode of When Banned Things Happen To Good People! Todd and Oren talk about why they care about the topics of censorship and free expression, and we tease the title of the first book we'll be reading (hint, it's not the one we mentioned in Episode 0).Things we learned in this episode: Todd needs to dial back his microphone's sensitivity a little bit. ALSO he taps the table a lot when he talks, which can make for annoying audio hiccups.
Episode 0: The Accidental Episode
2020 Jun 2330m 58s
Get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the brainstorming that went on in the creation of When Banned Things Happen To Good People. While testing our audio setup we chatted about the podcast itself, and this is what we ended up with! Hope you enjoy this peek behind the scenes!