Audio Experiments
  • Tal Minear
13 episodes
Short things I'm trying out and want to upload somewhere.


Forbidden Art
2020 Sep 167m 18s
I wrote this for a local storytelling event and recorded this practice performance. It's about steam tunnel paintings. Don't tell the deans ;)
Tick Tock Train
2020 Sep 011m 44s
Sometimes your brain goes "I wonder how a time-traveling steampunk train would sound" and you just have to sit down and make it.
Background Noise
2020 Aug 121m 12s
On having a bad memory and too many things.
Audio Hug
2020 Aug 0759s
I really want to hug my friends.
2020 May 281m 55s
In a rare break from sound design, here's a piece of music I made! This is the soundtrack my brain plays when I'm feeling anxious, usually for no good reason at all.
Tomorrow Will Be Fine
2020 May 1230s
I wrote this at the end of a no good very bad week. Really, don't listen to me - I'm just being a grump.
The Never Ending Carousel
2020 May 061m 16s
A short story about a long ride. This was written, recorded, and produced by Tal Minear.
Quarantine Update
2020 May 041m 44s
I've distilled the entire month of April (as I experienced it) into one short little clip. You can't hear the internal screaming (because it's, well, internal), but I promise you it's there.
Strangers in Strange Places
2020 May 041m 59s
It starts off as a search for a scarf, and ends up with a wizard.
Voicemail to the Past
2020 May 011m 30s
Tal leaves a voicemail to their middle school self.