• Godaffesto Means
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Basically my goal is to help young adults,see that there not alone in this war that they think they are facing alone.


A cheat code to success
2020 May 312m 31s
Here i am talking about what happened today and all around for years and centuries this includes riots and racism and how to get back at them by not doing nothing like Dr.Martin Luther King they want us angry but if we show no emotions they are bound to treat us like we aren’t anything still so what can we do learn is exactly what we can do.
Depression Help
2020 May 221m 27s
This podcast is a big issue i wanted to teach the listeners or fans about this disease called depression yes it is real and isn’t a joke bit i am going to help you get through and power through whatever you are going through send me a email keyonmeans137@gmail.com if there is a specific topic you want me to discuss i will email you back that i will thank you next podcast coming soon.Stay Safe peace in love to everyone
Keyon Means (Trailer)
2020 May 2259s