Morbidity and Mortality Podcast
  • Dr. Uzo
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Morbidity and Mortality is a bi-weekly podcast on public health. Hear from world experts on infectious and emerging diseases, including public health practitioners. Currently focused on COVID-19, we'll try to help you understand the latest science on coronavirus pandemic and other important public health issues. Hosted by Dr. Uzoma Nduka, epidemiologist and author who has written, published and presented research outcomes in both local and international peer-reviewed journals and conferences. Entire world is at a precipice! Our entire lives have changed irretrievably and there's great need for us to understand the science behind this virus so we can continue to live a healthy life and, possibly, return to normal, if indeed we will. Follow us on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and email us your questions via You will certainly hear from us.


Morbidity & Mortality Podcast Episode 21 w/Dr. Lisa Brown
2020 Sep 1438m 59s
Dr. Lisa Brown and I discussed how companies can manage workplace trauma in the age of COVID-19.
Morbidity & Mortality Podcast Episode 18 with Dr. Kelechi Amy Nwoku
2020 Sep 0524m 10s
On this episode, I’m honored to have a young medical doctor working in rural Nigeria and working her way towards a career in public health. She earned her MBBS at Abia State University and is passionate about quality healthcare delivery for the common...
Morbidity & Mortality Podcast Episode 19
2020 Sep 057m 29s
America has Failed.  Yes, the United States of America has failed. Failed in controlling COVID-19 pandemic. Failed in testing and contact tracing. Failed in identifying, isolating, and insulating this virus. America, long before this virus got into...
Morbidity & Mortality Podcast Episode 20-Today, an Angel came. A Poem.
2020 Sep 052m 16s
TODAY, AN ANGEL CAME (Dedicated to Boris Oji, MD and other healthcare professionals working day and night to save lives during this pandemic) Today an angel cameAnd came in form of manWith hands to heal he cameAnd heart so sweet and calm Today an angel...
Morbidity & Mortality Podcast Episode 16- COVID-19 and Film Industry in Nigeria
2020 Aug 3021m 55s
Azubuike Erinugha is a movie producer and director. Some of his movies are Funeral of Fire, the Choice, Brothers, the Champion Sportsman and numerous others. This Europe based Nigerian filmmaker whose movies have been well-received around the world and...
Morbidity & Mortality Podcast Episode 17
2020 Aug 3034m 20s
Dr Chijioke Nze is a Harvard trained physician and public health professional whose mission is the obliteration of cancer for everyone. Interested in health policy and how it affects cancer care. Dr Nze is currently a Hematology and Oncology Fellow at...
Morbidity & Mortality Podcast Episode 15
2020 Aug 2641m 11s
I am a thought leader, prolific and creative writer, author, life coach, ‘innovator,’ and ‘social media expert. I studied Taxation Law (LL.M) at New York Law School. I am the founder of Global Empowerment & Mentoring Initiative Inc ( an...
Morbidity & Mortality Podcast Episode 13
2020 Aug 2637m 16s
Corinna Kelley is a mother of 3 school aged children, wife, Air Force Veteran and a advocate for advancing quality Public Health practices to address health inequalities and impact change in the community in which she lives. Corinna has over 14 years of...
Morbidity & Mortality Podcast Episode 14
2020 Aug 2655m 9s
Dr Fatsani Dogani is an award winning clinician who has been working in healthcare for 23 years. Born in Malawi and currently residing in California she has had the opportunity to live in Malawi, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, the United Kingdom and considers...
Morbidity & Mortality Podcast Episode 10-Session 1 (Health Disparity, COVID-19 Cases, and Social Determinants of Health)
2020 Aug 1725m 39s
Dr. Ndukaku Omelu is an expert in applied public health epidemiology. Dr. Omelu has previously worked in Biotechnology industry for over 7 years and was an assistant professor for about 2 years at Walden University. Currently, Dr. Omelu is an...